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SBPD Announces Newly Promoted Lieutenant and Captain

Jul 4, 2020 | Community

San Bernardino Police Department promoted two tenured officers to lieutenant and captain on June 25.

Lieutenant Nelson Carrington and Captain Francisco Hernandez were considered for advancement after undergoing multiple investigative, supervisory and management courses to determine their ability to fit the roles. 

“I selected these two hard workers as my newest lieutenant and captain because they are proven leaders,” said Interim Chief Eric McBride.  

Both have dedicated themselves to serve the City of San Bernardino and have been with the department for over 15 years. They have held many ranks including officer, corporal and sergeant, although Hernandez held the rank of lieutenant before being promoted to captain. 

The pair attended San Bernardino Valley College. Captain Hernandez continued his education and received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Business Management.

Lieutenant Carrington grew up in San Bernardino County and has been an advisor for many academy recruits. According to officials, his ability to understand and excel in his leadership roles within the organization got him to where he is today. 

Both have a passion for working with youth and have volunteered at Police Activities League events, have managed the Police Explorers post, and Hernnadez has worked hard to find funds to hire explorers as cadets.

“Nelson Carrington and Francisco Hernandez have demonstrated their leadership abilities amongst our organization and have earned respect and trust of our community members,” said McBride.

Hernandez, raised in the Rancho West neighborhood of San Bernardino, has a close connection to the inland region. He enlisted in the United States Army Infantry right out of high school. He found a deeper understanding of community and department needs because of his day to day on the job experiences.  

San Bernardino welcomes Carrington as the new Western District Commander and Hernandez as the new Administrative Services Captain.

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Photo: Lieutenant Nelson Carrington and Captain Francisco Hernandez


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