Feb 2, 2019 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

A keystone to humans’ success in life is their ability to unravel/untangle knotty problems. The time, energy, and effort spent in research to get pertinent ingredients, extract them for analysis, and synthesize them into what is most meaningful is worse than doing nothing if the ingredients used are wrong, ambiguous, confusing, conflicting. The masking deception poisoning the mind with the devastating, occurs by using a human-made version (itself, an ever-changing false reality) to substitute for a Spiritual Principle (an unchanging true reality)–both having the same name. To be able to get Right ingredients, one must know Absolute/Certain “Right”—and that is never what society teaches!!! “Right” can only come from African Tradition, itself based upon–not the Finite and the changeable–but on the Infinite derived from the Unknowable Supreme Being—a presence known by manifestations of the Supreme Being’s vibratory Genetics. Those Spiritual Elements Genetics are in an Ultimate Seed form. Its Infinite realm Substance births, inside the Finite Cosmic Seed, Entities with a ‘what it is’ Essence, some emanating Cosmic Laws/Spiritual Principles. From them comes all African Tradition’s “Home Base” Thinking concepts. A Spiritual Principle is an immaterial virtual Icon Image reality (which never changes)—and, after matter (the Ether) is added, becomes a manifest or Event appearance reality (an ever-changing reality). Observable ones are directly seeable (as in all animal mothers nourishing and protecting their newborns, an act of Unconditional Love); or are indirect–inferred, as by the animal mothers’ Unconditional Love coming from an Unseeable Supreme Being of the same nature and conveys its Unconditional Love in the Cosmic Seed. That idea is a Circumstantial (Spiritual) Truth—meaning its display in each type of animal mother is a Sample (uniform piece of whole) of the Supreme Being’s Substance/Essence. So, that Circumstantial (Spiritual) Truth, itself, is Infinite and a synthesized part of the other Spiritual Elements.

Secular, as opposed to Spiritual, gives a masked deception to ‘Principle’ that misleads understanding. Such comes from Secular (the Crowd) teachers of people in today’s society. Being puppet-like, they simply follow the military orders from Supernatural cults (Evil Specialists). European dictionaries say: “Principle” is a basic truth, law, or assumption; “Circumstantial Evidence,” equated to Circumstantial Truth, is “Testimony not based on actual personal knowledge or observation of the facts in controversy, but of other facts from which deductions are drawn, showing indirectly the facts sought to be proved”; “Laws,” equated to Spiritual Principles: “a set of rule directions for conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority”; “Truth” conformity to fact or actuality; “Assumption”: the act of taking to or upon oneself; “Fact,” equated to Spiritual Truth, as ‘a thing done,’ (among others). But it avoids saying if what is done is inside or outside reality. Since non-reality doings–themselves non-existent–are not possible inside Truth, what Europeans call “Fact” is unclear, but does not equate to “True”. Nor can a sound conclusion come from what is arrived at by Circumstantial Evidence or from their Syllogistic logic Propositions since both usually start from Assumptions. Can you see each of these words as “Individualist”–each in isolation on its own plane of existence, going in its own direction, and based upon the opinions/beliefs of the “authority” giving it?Yet, all form a like-kind non-spiritual Alliance” (“to acquire allies”)—meaning all are in a mutually self-supporting relationship by being given regularized connections so as to enter into wrong meanings for purposes of mutual benefit for how agreeable humans desire it.

Spiritual Principles flow in Immaterial and Material portions of the Cosmic River System. Its ultimate unifier is Unconditional Love. Hence, what is extracted from it is Truth, Reality, and the Natural. ‘Humans-to-be’ were vital parts of that System and budded out of it in order to flower, bloom, and fruit in their Earth world living. To fashion all of ones life “ME/WE” products, while a Non-Self within the Cosmic River System, constitutes Right Life Thinking for Right Life Living. As a Non-Self, one is aware of being Spiritually Connected to all of God’s Creatures/Creations. Out of that awareness comes Intuition, the highest form of Insight. It enables one to clearly see things as they are so as to “Feel” their Good by its Harmony Spiritual Essence or “Feel” their Bad by its Disharmonious human-made essences. To distinguish underlying harmony or disharmony natures (the way things operate) to do right “ME/WE” benefits handling, constitute Wisdom.


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