Jan 20, 2019 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Pause for a moment to notice how all aspects of your body are in Order—each with independent duties–each arranged/combined into a Patterned “Oneness”. Order means a place for each involved thing–each thing in its proper place—each thing has its proper rank usage at the proper time. By these enabling all to work interdependently to make a harmonious whole means this isSynthesis into a complete adaptation of each independent part being an interdependent“Oneness. As a result of the inner factors in all parts of the body contributing one or more aspects of thriving, they share in their mutual relationships the synthesized old elements from having been put together in an organized form so as to make a new, novel, and harmonious Unity”. Products from this new “Oneness” are fundamentally different in kind from those of their separate components viewed independently. Their Effects, Consequences, and/or Results aregreater than the sum of each contributing ingredient when added together. Synonyms for Synthesis include Theme, Wholism, Emergentism (the combination of elements which result in something new that was unpredictable from knowledge of those elements). Organization within a given Entity maintains its Unity relationship during its evolution of producing its Ordered Products. Similarly, the Cosmos works this way with each of its emanated Creatures/Creations—all derived from the same Supreme Being Androgynic Plast Genetic Seed. Also, every human, by being made in the likeness of the Supreme Creator, has special that Seed’s Genius Endowments. They are from an instilled “drop” of the same boundless ocean of God’s as well as from remaining ‘yoked’ to God’s “Big Mind” Genius.

Both provide humans with enriching natural Endowment Qualities (e.g. a Talent, which grabs, absorbs, applies Genius) and a Mission (birth-gift educated Genius) for usage in Right Life Living. Their Standard is shown by maintaining or returning to the same Vibration rate shared with God when a given human came into primal (first in time) “Being-Hood.” Such happens because the Spiritual “nature” of the original form of endowments or propensities emanated out of its God Seed EssenceThe “drop” is orchestrated by a human’s Pre-Birth Emotions. Orchestration is being in charge/control of ones dealings with all life involvement Settings and/or Situations. It is done with Human Ideal Efficiency (doing more with less energy, effort, and/or time than with any other option) + Effectiveness (the desired effect satisfies the solution better than any alternative). These head its owner towards what it takes to Be Right,” “Recognize Right,” “Do Right,” “Make Things Right,” and “Defend the Right.” By staying yoked to ones God Genius means one has Pre-Birth Intellect—i.e. instilled “First Knowledge” of all Cosmic Laws and Selfhood Greatness. Pre-Birth Intellect + Pre-Birth Emotions provide Personal Power in ones Private Selfhood “5Ss” of Safety, Security, Sureness, Strength, and Stability. These birth-gift Powers are infinitely greater than anyone needs to handle the very worst Happenings in life living. They enable ones Intellect to condition ones Will power to thus create Spiritually Right Virtues + Goodness lifestyle habits. In a higher degree, Spiritual Personal Power is a moral Disposition enabling one to cultivate Human Perfection. In the process, ones endowed Propensities—i.e. in-born tendencies, e.g. aptitude, capacities abilities—are used in Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Mind/Brain, and “ME/WE” Humanity realms. These, driven by ones desire for achieving Human Perfection, fashion ones system of Values, Character, Talent, Mission, and Work Products into what generates silent Spiritual Self-Pride.

Such implies one is in charge/control of enhancing, maintaining, and protecting ones Selfhood Greatness. But a key is one must have a true image of ones Selfhood Greatness in order for that image to make real the desired endowment applications.Ones Siamese twin-like Pre-Birth Emotions/Pre-Birth Intellect spontaneously Order, Organize, Orchestrate a human’s Endowments/Propensities into evolutions that naturally conform to Nature’s Processes. Ones resultant Common Sense then does adaptations of its ingredients to create, enhance, and maintain Right Life Living Harmony. To deal with whatever necessitates needs for one to Protect, Preserve, Reduce, Prevent, Defend against and/or overcome “ME/WE” Disharmony,Pre-Birth Emotions/Pre-Birth Intellect join to fashion Critical Thinking. Together, they do what it takes to supply ‘Thriving’ “ME/WE” Goodness in Metaphysical and Physical realms. So, get on the Truth-Track and be Right ‘forever!’


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