Jan 20, 2019 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Humanity (Sisterhood/Brotherhood)–a Setting between a normal living state and divinity—was said by Ancient African Sages to have arisen out of God’s Amenta infinite Genetic Seed, which they called the “Heavenly Black.” Out of that single “Seed” arose the Cosmic Social Conscience Aura of “Oneness” whose Human Ideal Fellowship theme is: “All for One and One for All.” They said Humanity occurs in humans “when you can feel yourself related to another, to Nature, and to the Universe in the same complete and natural way as the child to the mother. Then you are aware of being in complete harmony with the Unconditional Love inside Humanity and in tune with the natural rhythms of the universe.” Such is about one“Feeling” the primal (first in time) Vibration Rhythms of “ME/WE” Humanity, called Compassion. Its Foundation of Vibrations is shared with animals. The Ba-Twa were Primitive Africans who used sound changes from these Vibrations for: (1) “Flash Sonar” or “Echo Location” purposes in order to determine, for example, how close they were to something; and (2) to fashion Click, Whistle, and similar imitative language practices of animals in order to communicate with them—a skill possessed by their descendants to this day. Also, by expanding upon these unspoken voice sound changes in ways conforming to Nature’s beautiful rhythms, the Ba-Twa created the first words of the world’s first language–termed Poetic Speech. Meanwhile, as indicated by Rock Art, cooperation among Primitive Africans layered Patterns for Humanity’s underlying Effects to be a sense of Harmony. Those who experience Humanity Compassion are urged to enhance its Harmony; or, if the experience is Disharmony among any of the “ME/WE,” each is driven to do what one can to correct it for all.

Such Humanity supplies those involved with Spiritual Human Nature Needs–e.g. by giving them a sense of Belonging; making them feel important, powerful in some way, loved, and to have good relationships with and good behaviors toward each other. An Effect is for each to be spurred to do Selfless Service with no expectation of, or desire for, anything in return. Dance, derived from imagination and verbal creativity, is the only birth-gift Art of which every human is made. By being the source of all Artsthe “Seed” for, and the cradle of,Music and Poetry, Dance is the earliest language of Humanity. This Poetic Language is what flows throughout the entire Cosmos and displays in different Humanity Common Sense Pattern forms, each dealing with different Right Life Living aspects. Expressing these Patterns is by Phatic Communion of Emotive (causing Pre-birth emotions) Language. This means it is a Schema type exchange of an association of ideas whose Theme is pre-determined. It is done more to establish an atmosphere or to maintain social contact than for exchanging rational thoughts, information, or ideas. An example, upon answering the telephone or meeting another and saying “hello” shows Good Mannered friendliness. Others sprinkle conversation exchanges with ‘programmed’ laughter to signal they are not intending to be a threat. The orchestrator of such Common Sense patterns is each human’s Pre-Birth Emotions, powered in appropriate Settings and Situations by Instincts–which Ancient Africans said express the Will of God. One powerful Right Life Living Common Sense Pattern display of Humanity is indulgence in Play (spontaneous Creative Imagination). Play is a rhythmically musical happening of itself so as to always be about progress which is ever arriving “for no reason” to no place in particular. Rather than living for something significant, Play is living applied to itself, for itself, in order to become the Fun it makes. Yet, throughout Humanity interrelationships, one is prone to make mistakes or show wrong doings. To handle these or assumed misperceptions others make, Common Sense uses Pre-Birth Intellect to make compassion harmonious adjustments.

To “Sense” the high rates of vibrations of Divine Paradigms (Spiritual frameworks forming human Settings/Situations) and to replicate them in some daily living form, pattern, rhythm, and/or shape–like Dance, Art, Speech, Music, Humanity Relationships–is a display of Cosmic Beauty or Knowledge. It is called “Black Mystique” if done by Afrocentric People.Such Humanity is part of Black People’s Collective Unconscious—i.e. the deep unconscious primordial human experiences of Early Africans which have repeatedly occurred as representations of experiences in the course of generations of humans who remain in their remote Ancestors flow.


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