Jan 20, 2019 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Ancient Africans said the essence of Goodness (Summum Bonum) equates to Ma’at (the Good, the ground of Good, the Good Way of life) and Virtues (Rightness in Divine, Social, and Natural spheres). These humans faculties are in charge of: (1) bringing about Humankind/Human Goodness Unity (a relational abstraction) world-wide (Amen, Tree of Life p107); (2) giving Universal Order, Harmony, Peace, Regularity, Righteousness, Dependability, Consistency, and Beauty under Divine rule; and (3) ensuring Right eventually triumphs in spite of Cosmic Evil, Disorder, or Disharmony. Summum Bonum is defined as ‘Bliss’; the light pervading the world; the immortal all-knowing Good; the mediator/reconciler of the Cosmic/Human Soul and Cosmic/Human Matter pairs of opposites—their union being attributes of God. When ones senses are controlled and ones mind begins to rise above and beyond them, one becomes filled with Bliss—i.e. a unique form of Peace and Happiness. Any flaw fashions Disharmony.  Goodness Instructions are in the New Kingdom (1709-1095 BC) Period’s Book of Amenomope. Example: “if you do good for the vulnerable and needy, you will find it a path of life. And after sleep, when you wake in the morning you will find it as Goodness” (Karenga, MAAT p267). “They are Good who do Good for others. If they suffer for the Good they do, they are better still. If they suffer from them to whom they did Good, they have arrived to that height of Goodness that nothing but an increase in their suffering can add to elevating Goodness.” Goodness is thought of as being upright, gentle, morally honorable, righteous, showing kindness of Heart by “Being With” or in “Doing For” beneficial acts, and imparting justice within the circumstances of reality. It also embraces generalized beneficial effects—e.g. following the Good, holding fast to the Good, and Humanistic Qualities (e.g. respect, caring, compassion, and attractiveness). I know those who do Good to/for others, simultaneously do good to/for themselves, by the very act of doing it.

This experience in ones consciousness of well-doing is happiness in action. A sincerely Good person is totally unaware of doing little, nameless acts of kindness, of giving encouragement to competitors, and of making available necessary benefits to those who reject it. Only Real Self people can know heights, depth, scope of wonderfulness in being and doing a Candle Light of Good. Its light throws beams in all directions. I have repeatedly observed, and received the benefits of, the struggling and the lovely who do far more Good in their limited spheres than the well-to-do. Part of their Good Works makes for unity, as opposed to the Evil that makes for separateness. There is no greater Goodness than to do the hard, prolonged work needed to impregnate the Resistant with an awakening to strivings to be Good. Foundational is to convert them from seeking “Excitement,” which features Emotional Energy, over to introducing them to the “Aliveness” emitted by Self-Improvement’s Law of Attraction. That Law makes one enthusiastic to see what new discoveries will sprout out of those just made. A personal contest is to, every day, be better and better, in every way than one was yesterday.

A reason I started having daily Family Talks with my children is because, as a boy, all the family sat together at mealtime and discussed various aspects of life. A particularly pertinent one was when Smitty, my wonderful Step-Dad, said: “I’d rather see a sermon (an act of Goodness) than hear one.” So, during Family Talks with my children, there were four parts: (1) a “Did You Know,” dealing with whatever the kids wanted to know about (e.g. the Zoo animals); (2) a “Word for the Day” (explaining the origin of some significant word in their lives); (3) a “Joke for the Day”—their responsibility; and (4) a “Thought for the Day,” as from my discovery of a mistake one of them had made. So, I would say: “I appreciate that one of you made that mistake because it shows you doing something important. After discussing how to ensure that mistake never recurred, we talked of how all Goodness and  Greatness progress in anything is made by struggling alone through the entanglements of each mistake/difficulty. Then, after the un-tanglement, one is able to move on “straight ahead” to the destination. Repeatedly, I stressed considering using lessons from that mistake to spread into other life areas + become an expert at what was associated with it. Being an “Expertat a Thing is a powerful driving force to stay self- confident. Use its “Aliveness” to keep making “ME/WE” benefits.


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