Jan 20, 2019 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Cosmic Mathematics show—as part of each Entity’s Genetic ‘nature’–how all Cosmic Creatures/Creations are connected—in most exact proportions, no matter how remote in time or space. That nature begins with Un-Seeable Archetype Seeds, which then birth Nature’s Observables in number, weight, and measurable features. Thus, Qualitative vibrations (e.g.Photons, positrons, electrons) + Quantitative Seeds display four proteins—adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. They account for structural/functional phenomena in all living Things; accomplish their goal through a strict, complex Mathematical process; are arranged, three at a time, as a double-stranded helix in different ways to form DNA molecules; and in 64 combinations, underlie ‘genes’ as the fundamental unit. These out-source vast diversities of living Mathematical Nature designs/patterns—each form being foundational to living Matter creations (Amen, MAAT p29). Quantitative Mathematics (which characterizes Science, called Quantitative Logic by the Ancients) and Qualitative Mathematics enable humans to acquire “Felt” knowledge or insights into the existence of all Cosmic Events (changing realities) unable to be perceived through the senses.  Humans can think Mathematically by their instilled God-likeness Endowments. That likeness follows the world’s Processes of Nature by embodying God Intelligence Patterns. Similarly, human intelligence—embracing ones Consciousness, Will, Spiritual Power—are used to discern what is beyond the senses. They perceive and gain insights into Cosmic “Secrets” (operations of Nature) and Mysteries (God’s existence + ways). Hence, Quantitative and Qualitative Mathematics bring aspects of the Cosmos within humans’ range forms of understanding. Such identifies relationships between inferred Cosmic Reality Things and humans perceptual and inferred data. But most problematic is humans’ Reality observations. The pieces discerned nor their interpretations of those pieces conform. So, for all Spiritual Things having Absolute and Certain Qualitative and Quantitative Truths, each of them can be infested with human errors of a most illusory nature. This means they are Diverted or Disconnected from the fundamental Cosmic Laws. To reduce such errors, Ancient Africans devised Spiritual Qualitative Mathematics.

But proper understanding of oneself through returning to a Non-Self state to be in “Oneness” with Cosmic Laws by-passes these difficulties. Such can be learned by being a daily student of Ancient African Philosophy, where all Mathematics began and was developed. One method intuits Knowledge from the Cosmic River system’s bodiless mind and powers whose presence is evinced by observing the Mathematical structures of natural Events. Although Europeans falsely claim to be creators of much of today’s Mathematics, their primitive warrior mindset origins mean they lack the philosophical orientation or intellect to understand more than simple parts of Mathematics. But even with teaching their Mathematics as the only “right” way, their additions/modifications have made it confusing, conflicting, and ambiguous. For me, it and all the big, unexplained formulas/symbols/words used, invariably have been of no use–and makes no sense. The simplest European definition I found is: Mathematics (‘something learned”) is associated with memory and mind, serving as a basis for the word “Science” (archaic for numerical reasoning), particularly in relation to geometrical calculations in astronomy and physics. Today, it covers abstract numerical sciences—e.g. Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry. In Africa’s Tree of Life’s 11 spheres, the Mathematical center is in the 5th sphere of Herukhuti. Unlike the Geometrical center, Heru, which shares in both higher and lower parts of Being, the Mathematical center is the lowest point of the higher part of Being (Amen, Metu Neter II: 103).

This corresponds with the Left Brain’s mid function—Rationally dealing with inner purpose, function, and inherent quality differences by analytical, abstract, in-depth, and broad thinking means. Yet, the low level 8th sphere, Segregative Thinking—typical of Europeans, separates people by race, sex, color, and enemies. Results are injustices from errors in thinking, perceiving, misunderstanding. But the 5th sphere separates people by character, intelligence, intent differences and all needed to impart justice by Divine Law. First order Mathematical Circumstantial Truths give insights to infer second order types. Both give insights into the Esoteric (Unknown).


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