Jan 20, 2019 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

To “Foretell” is to make known or show beforehand that something will happen. Right “Predictions”—i.e. saying what will be observed before it occurs–is by having knowledge of the event under consideration. Attempts to indicate what course the future will take is among the top discussions throughout all of Humankind’s history. The degree of accuracy and precision ranges widely, with the best given by humans whose Spirits are unified in their subconscious with the Supreme Being. That Unity is the foundation of, and synonymous with, the Good—meaning the purity working of all involved spiritual ingredients in harmony with each other, as a “Oneness. In that context, nothing in the works goes beyond its sphere or limits to violate itself and others. As a result, such humans benefit from the awesome wisdom and power behind the management of the infinite complexity of their life support functions. The externalization of this capability is called Magic, Extrasensory Powers, Prophecy, Miracles, etc. (Amen, Tree of Life p41). When of a true nature, there is spiritual discernment derived via Intuition from the Supreme Being. By contrast, the overwhelming majority—perhaps 99.9%–of those who make Predictions lack the human/Supreme Being yoked Genius. That prevents them from foreseeing coming outpourings of the Spiritual faculty and evolving perceptions of the Cosmic Essence Quartet of Truth, Knowledge, Spiritual Principles, and Wisdom. Allow me to illustrate how Spiritual Law revelations are quite different from what is humans’ Earth World perception concerning the same event. It is the Common Sense, from an Earth World perspective, that says a Motive (the “Why” of the way one acts and the determinant of those acts) means one does things as a reaction to interpretations of what has already happened.

But the opposite of how human thoughts of Secular (the Crowd) and Supernatural (Evil Specialists) people work is that, from a Spiritual insight perspective, the past does not form the “Now” but rather the Now” forms the past.  To elaborate by “Playing-it-Out”—i.e. give the Setting in which a Situation is predicted to give an indication of what is to come—the Setting is a ship moving forward in the ocean to thus form a “Wake” Situation. A “Wake” is the trail left in the water by a moving ship or boat and, though it fades, it tells where the ship has been. Of course, the Wake does not drive the ship. In other words, when a ship creates a water wake, that wake, in the ship’s back, is the beginning of the past–made by the present. By following the wake, made by a ship back to its port—and by dealing with the wake alone–one can plot the course of the wake. Whereby the moving ship equates to the “Here and Now,” the water wake it forms is like the past being formed out of the present. So, by determining where it has been thereby indicates where the ship is going. Applying that same analysis to humans, ones going in the right event’s (an ever-changing reality) course is setting things in motion to provide necessary success conditions. So, one has an ongoing sense of Satisfaction. However, that course–if filled with losses, lacks, or obstructions one cannot overcome and in spite of instituting more beneficial alterations–means one must make the necessary changes in order to slow, stop, or reverse the undesirable trends. The point is that often, predictions made by anyone are useful, not because they are accurate, but because they provide the opportunity to analyze where one has been, and where one is, so as to know where one is headed—unless one institutes more beneficial changes.

But predictability must be properly counter-balanced by unpredictability. There is both order in Nature and in humans + perceived unpredictable randomness in both + disorder in humans, but not Nature. After all, unpredictability provides “spice of life” uniqueness and excitement + new Truth ingredients for Pre-Birth Emotions/Intellect + new thoughts about information (as derived from misunderstanding, opposition, competition, indifference, rejection, and hostility). Each is capable of giving one clues to making changes or not. Yet, huge benefits to using a Divine Spiritual approach enable one, inside an Event, to read present evidence in all its ambiguity in order to see things as they are and how they are actually being done. From that, one has a much better chance to tell where the “Here and Now” present—and not what has happened in the past–is leading. Then one can control what things to set in motion in the present + to provide necessary conditions for success + to slow, stop, and reverse bad trends by changing those conditions.


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