Jan 20, 2019 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Common Sense originated from Primitive Africans believing that among all the lights hanging from the heavenly dome, one represented a given family’s Living Dead Ancestors. To continue ongoing communications between the living and the Spirit world, Divination (various means of foretelling—e.g. predictions through intuition; dreams; visions in scrying—i.e. seeing in crystals images) revelations of remote future events was used. Astrological Divination–an archaic term for “mathesis”–“Learning”–Mother Wisdom. “Mother Wit” referred to Common Sense’s highest forms (Walker, Women’s Encyclopedia, p71). Prediction accuracy was claimed to derive out of possessing knowledge of Nature’s Laws. Since watching stars and planets (‘wandering stars’) was something to which African people could relate, out of it arose African Tradition’s ‘big picture’ of Common Sense—featuring “Humanity Goodness”. Yet, not finding ones “Lucky Star” was believed to open channels for evil-acting stars to exert their fear fashioning “bad luck”–or at least start terrible events. Hence arose the word “Fear.” A wrong selection meant ones “Disaster Star” (de, away; aster, star—i.e. away from ones Lucky star) Occult Predictions concerned bad/evil Causes, Effects, Consequences, and Results. Evil was anything attempted that might threaten, disturb, or destroy family unity. Such unfortunate individuals entered Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism mindsets which would lead to aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive behaviors. They could only wish for happiness—a wish having almost no chance (Bailey, Self-Esteem, p179). Meanwhile, Nature studies led to believing humans were made in the likeness of God. Thus, as Spiritual Beings (Divine Consciousness Selves), “Humanity Goodness” was their inferred Soul Core. “Human” symbolized the “Earth,” especially Africa’s Nile River fertile black soil. ‘Man’ necessarily  embraces “Woman.” A perfect unity Image of God, said Ancient Africans, is each human being created as female and male–thus God is not “He”.

This duality, as a “Oneness,” enables unfolding divine God likeness in each human. So, in both a human’s inner and outer worlds, Males and females are complementary equals—each doing different things to benefit the whole of a given human as well as for all humans. Still, it is ones Divine Self which orchestrates itself to awaken to all Dimensions involved in Right Life Living. Nonetheless, the Unconditional Love at the core of every human imparts Free Will to choose otherwise. When these concepts were borrowed outside Africa, some were modified variously. Most considered no knowledge more elementary than Common Sense and thus it served as starting points for all inquiry intended for understanding. For ancient Chinese, common sense concerned itself more with the problems of living.  They used it, and the reasonable spirit, to crush out all theories, dogmas, sciences, and philosophy. Confucianism was embraced to order people’s daily conduct. Buddhism emphasized Common Sense for purposes of cleansing their minds. And history, paintings, mountains, rivers, wine, music, and song were focused on to soothe their spirits.  The idea was to live in the world and yet be out of it. Europeans so greatly modified African concepts of Common Sense as for them to go beyond recognition. They disregarded the Spiritual entirely and deemed Humanity to consist of human beings in the sense of their Material aspects. An example is ancient Romans declaring common sense meant the vulgar opinions of mankind. This Real Self to False Self switch does such Selfhood damage as to equate to Disaster Star happenings. The switch pulls one off the “Truth-Track” to such an extent that their Common Sense statements have no Absolute or Certain “Home Base” and Mathematically it make no sense. Hence, Common Sense of False Self people is merely about their beliefs, opinions, superstitions, and fantasies. Thus, all Disaster Star people—e.g. the Secular (the Crowd) and Supernatural cults (Evil Specialists)–are to have their concepts/ways totally disregarded by the wise.

Instead, the “Lucky Star” of ones Highest (Divinity) Self, with its Absolute and Certainty Supreme Being Seed Source, is what Real Self people use to identify the character of their Spiritual  Common Sense. Its focus is on “Humanity Goodness” applied to all non-evil people. Such Understanding always leads to “ME/WE” benefitsIn shortCommon Sense is an individual’s and/or a society’s System of Values which, when prioritized, is a Philosophy of Life.


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