Dec 31, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

An “Interchange” is a junction/intersection whereby things can be exchanged/mixed. Example: inside a kaleidoscope are overlapping mosaic colors which, upon rotating the tube, are ever changing color combinations. Such is analogous to Spiritual Goodness’s blending association with other Soul Sunshine attributes of Worth like Beauty, Right, Happiness, Wellness, Truth, Connectedness, Balance, and Harmony—all living in a Natural Order with the Cosmic Moral System—all “Felt” as an Aura. No doubt, Primitive Africans knew this Aura by observing “Perfect Moments,” like birds in flight. Perhaps this contributed to the reason Primitive Africans, at an interchange, initiated the Barter System–the exchange of ‘goods’ and services by the people involved. Those ‘goods’ which “fit” in a suitable manner were called either beautiful or kaleidoscope-type ‘good’ because both could be of a “Heart” nature (conformity to what is morally Right, Loving, Ideal, Perfect, Desirable) or of a “Head” nature (material things that are attractive, useful, beneficial, profitable). Otherwise, they engaged in “Good” things and tasks in Nature which had “ME/WE” benefits. At some point, such efforts were said to model the work the God spirit does in Nature. As a result, they noted in their work Products that on the path to Goodness, laws of God were the first things they found, in the form of Truths; each time of getting close to Truth, the simpler it all became; and having a track record of living an overall life of Goodness rendered their Selfhoods quiet and peaceful (within the context of Hetep). By Early Africans deeding Goodness to be both Cosmic Absolute and enhancers of oneself, another, and others into a “ME/WE” “Oneness,” they thought Goodness was associated with the rising Sun. This was because of the Sun’s brilliancy in lighting up the world and because of the fixity of its light on Stars.

Other practices may also have been associated with the belief that life begins with consciousness coming into time and space in the East–the Before; and comes to its ending in the West, the After. Since the Sun sets in “The West,” they symbolized it as the abode of the Blessed who are without fault so as to enter the Heaven Afterlife and thus help the living. Later Ancient African Bible stories of the cult of Osiris relate solid foundations from which Goodness would spring. One that was conveyed in various vignettes, and which Europeans borrowed to put into their European Bible, was the 23rd Psalm. It came from the Egyptian text appealing to Osiris, the “Good Shepherd,” to lead the deceased to the “green pastures”; to “still waters” of the nefer-nefer land (good womb and beautiful existence); to restore the soul to the body; and to give protection in the valley of the shadow of death (the Tuat or Underworld). Meanwhile, doing ME/WE” Goodness benefits were viewed as Happiness in action as well as Happiness embracing what lessens Disharmony. To illustrate on the Thinker’s Scale (a positive and negative numbered ruler, separated by a zero), Goodness deeds on the Positive Scale relate to: (1) ones activities of daily living, including making all-out efforts to Create, Enhance, and Maintain“ME/WE” Harmony for ones family/friends. Also, (2) is the full cultivating of ones Talent to use to achieve heights of ones Self-Expression for doing ones life’s Mission of Selfless Service. Each of these increase Goodness. At the Zero point, (3) Goodness is applied throughout ones Career in order to smooth, restore, rebuild from problems generated by ones mistakes, limitations, flaws, errors, wrong doings so as to help oneself be better able to help others. On the Negative Scale, Goodness must be (4) Protected, Preserved, Reduced from exposure so as to Prevent harm, Defended and/or do whatever overcomes self-induced/deliberate Disharmony Settings/Situations. To ask: “What is my life’s Purpose?,” 4 reasons are:become Good, remain Good, do Good works; have Good Humor.

Another question: “What is the Good for me?” To answer that, ones Divine Plan’s major category for ones “Good” is to be found in ones Talent. Then, analyze the types of good appropriate for ones Talent; prioritize them; and select the one that pushed the boundaries of ones Spiritual Elements (Primary) Attributes of Endowments (natural qualities, e.g. Talents, Spiritual Energy Power) and Propensities (in born tendencies, e.g. Ability, capacity, capability, physical strength). These are under a human’s Spiritual Psychological Power which elicits Self-Improvement/Peace/Calm + “ME/WE” Harmony Goodness applications for moral/physical/social actions.


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