Dec 25, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Spiritual Principles are discovered within the flow of their Absolute, ‘forever’ Certain Cosmic River System “Home Base”; consist of mosaic Spiritual Elements—i.e. Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural; and lack Matter. Their ingredients are unformed, undifferentiated, but not disorganized. One knows them by being in a mindset of Mysticism—a mental state of “Oneness” with Spiritual Elements ingredients within the Cosmic Web Circle of Wholism. That state is entered by Contemplative Introspection—i.e. quieting the mind in order to concentrate without intention.One then slides into ones in-most boundless light of Cosmic Genius Reality. Here resides ones indwelling Cosmic Intelligence where one arrives at a feeling of complete inseparability with the Cosmic “ME/WE,” orchestrated by the Cosmic (God) Force. The only way such can be known is to become one with it, as a Non-Self. Hence, to express the Spiritual “what is”–doing “what it does”–necessitates converting selected extractions out of the Cosmic River System and putting them into primal Metaphysical images. “Primal” means first, earliest of its kind—both divine and earthly, first in rank to start life and its associates as its “what it is” Seed. Ancient Africans said “Seed” is a primal Archetype parent for creating Spiritual things of the same kind. It also is  pregnant with Matter, birthing it at its destination into a model or pattern. First, out of the involuted (in-folded) Spiritual Elements attributes within the Seed is its evolution. That archetypal unfolding is itself done  so that its “Oneness” subdivides into an infinitude of parts. Each part contains the identical Ultimate Genetic “Oneness” Source “Seed” of the Spiritual Elements. Each Entity in all parts is individualized; each unique Identity is of the same kind in model, pattern type, or fashion, regardless of it being on one or more planes of Cosmic existence; and all stay in an organized contiguity. In short, out of every Archetype evolves its like-kind family, each knowing its “what it is” and Divine Plan. For example, the human aspect in the primal Archetype means aspects of it serve as a pregnant parent for subsequent humans to be born in a like-kind manner to reproduce.

The evolution of every Archetype Seed displays how the Spiritual (the Un-Seeable) manifests in its eventual Matter (the Seeable or detectible)—while still remaining as a “Oneness”. An example is the Tree Concept. The Seed (with its Spiritual Essence) gives rise to Matter Essentials of Roots, Trunk, Branches, Leaves and Fruit. The Tree cannot be known without its Complementary Equals of the Spiritual Essence and its Matter Essentials. Note on opposite sides of the Qualitative Algebraic “Equal Sign” are the Complementary Equals because each contains things involved in the other.To illustrate, the Complementary Equal or Complementary Opposite to Heat is Cold. And although these “opposites” are at the extreme of one pole, they are really the same thing. “Heat” and “Cold” are simply a form of a variety, and different only by the rate of rhythm of the same vibrations. There is no place on a thermometer where “heat” ends and “cold” begins. In other words, “heat” and “cold” are varying degrees between the two poles of one “spoke”.  This implies one cannot distinguish where “heat” stops and “cold” begins because, as Tehuti said, “the extremes meet” (The Kybalion p. 32). Yet, they have the same nature and because they have degrees, they are of a material nature. Similarly, the bottom, calm part of a lake is the opposite of the stirred up surface of the lake’s top but both are of the same nature. The direction opposite to north is south, and vice versa—both one pole. Spiritual Dualities are inherent in the God Seed, like Feminine/Masculine Principles; the Sun/Moon, and Night/Day.

These Balanced Complementary Equals are halves of a unit—like two sides of a coin. Thus, they complete (complement) each other. Complementary Equals are a Dance–not one leading and another following–but together flow/swim in mutual support or fly like a flock of birds. Each Complementary Opposite is a “check and balance” on the other; while one is the means to make the other knowable. Viewing things in this light enables making Spiritual Principles. But since all Cosmic Archetypes come out of the same God Seed, what emerges is a Cosmic Web of infinite unique Entities, in ‘families.’ Within each ‘family’ are like-kind (but not identical) models or patterns. The ‘big picture’ is a profound sense of Harmony, felt as a Unity whereby “One is in All”; as a “Oneness”–“All is in One”; as a Family—“All for One”; and as Humanity—“One for All.”


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