Dec 25, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

The ancient story of the master category of “Quality”—a Cosmic “Umbrella Term”—dates to when Cosmic Creatures/Creations were said to come into primal (first in time) Beinghood with a Spirit nature, devoid of Matter. Once signaled to begin their descent towards their Divine Plan designated plane of Cosmic existence, they go into the Sublime realm. There, they were layered by Ether, with the minimum amount needed for any Metaphysical or Physical entity to become involved in an interaction. In its natural, realistic, most highly concentrated form, Ether is a shiny, pure, upper air, subtle fluid of pre-matter displaying as a fine, flimsy, vapor mist. It, as a quanta of Spiritual Energy, was deemed to be the Substance/Essence which made “the Heavens,” the lintel’s (i.e. the Sublime) stars and planets, Nature, and natural Cosmic laws. Ether—i.e. Ethereal Substance (by being God’s Spirit) and Quintessence—was thought to be the Cosmic Psyche, a spiritual equivalent to the “Soul’s” Attributes. To avoid confusing Ether with humans’ Souls—i.e. the Spiritual Center–and Minds of humans, this “bodiless presence” was called Quality. When Ether was the conceptual cause of a thing (by the thing being invested in at least flimsy Matter, like an idea in human minds) and/or when Ether was the cause of a Thing’s existence—like a halo in the spiritual realms, or taste, smell, hearing, and feeling in worldly realms—its Essence (inner core) was originally termed a Primary Quality or an Ultimate (necessity totality, completeness). Added Ether gives expression to the Essence’s inner off-springs—i.e. the Essentials–called Primary Attributes.  A fully realized Cosmic Essence is a Pattern, with an outside Image and an inside matrix (womb bringing nourishment to the offspring). Properties (Essence’s Essentials peculiar to the Pattern) of both networks display as Endowments (i.e. natural qualities, like Talent) + Propensities (in born tendencies, ability) out of those  Essentials. Their nature is manifested by its operations. All are orchestrated by the Disposition received from its Cosmic Source.

If Ether was simply a conception support originating from another source to exist on a Thing already in “Being-hood”—like paint applied to a drawing–it was a Secondary Quality or Secondary Attribute. A Secondary Attribute is what humans conceive a Thing to be in a given respect + perhaps it expresses bits of its parent’s real nature + serves to identify the Thing’s peculiarity to itself or to oneself—called a Characteristic. All Qualities: (1) are a thing without form or shape; (2) have nothing to do with any particular object; (3) can be experienced by its right properties of some characteristic, trait or feature capable of being put into feelings, emotions, thoughts, and perhaps words. Primary Qualities are inherently specialized with “Suchness”—the “what it is” at just that moment” whereby one is disconnected from all else pertaining to the Present, Past, and Future.  Like the nature of Play, Dance, Music, Poetry, “Suchness” is a “Senselessness” state. This means any of its Settings/Situations are free of sensations and ordered activity. By lacking, inside a Senseless present moment, all meanings, destinations, or explanations for ‘now’ Event (changing realities) Happenings, each of its aspects is free to be what it is, as it is, for what it is, while it is doing what it naturally does. Thus, when humans are flowing inside Settings or Situations of “Suchness,” they are participants in a Spiritual Primary Quality of Nature—a state transcending (pass above/beyond) Seeable Reality that is absolute, infinite, and eternal. This implies one is flowing in the Cosmic River System which, because it is Absolute Cosmic Certainty, contains the Cosmic Essences which form the Truth, Knowledge, Spiritual Principles, and Wisdom Quartet.

Each Cosmic Essence is a spiritual agent; Mathematically ordered in its involuted state inside the Cosmic Seed; and Mathematically branchingly Evolves as Organized. Inside the Ether lacking Anima Mundi (Cosmic Soul where God dwells), one flows in the center of what is evident and obvious. So, one experiences the Mundi as a deep Inner World impact which causes one to become disengaged so as to straddle Realities boundaries and the surreal realm. One then gains insight into mosaics (bits and pieces) of Truth/Knowledge. They are arranged/combined in limit-less novel ways by awesome Wisdom and Power behind the mind’s management of the infinitely complex + the Life Forces’ supportive functions. Resultant Spiritual Principles, when Understood by Qualitative Algebra, is the operation proper for each human to “Know Thyself”.


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