Dec 25, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

To have the Courage to be in charge/control of ones own life is to be like a skyscraper building, including its foundation, situated upon a sound/solid “Home Base”. So, ones Selfhood Core must be: (1) the Spiritual Elements “Home Base” of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural to stand on; (2) Absolutely Certain ingredients for building ones life’s structure, drawn from the metaphorical Cosmic River System whose ultimate unifier is Unconditional Love; and (3) being Anchored to the “Home Base” and Absolute Certainty so as not to drift away from either. These three, said Ancient Africans, are the Theme of Spiritual Principles. That Theme comes from the Cosmic (God) Force’s Seed of Essences, which originates out of God’s Cosmic Genetic Androgynic plast. Spiritual, Spiritual/Metaphysical, and Spiritual/Metaphysical/Physical Principles contain and securely anchor in place all humans need to have a “ME/WE” thriving life of well-being. These Principles are Truth and Knowledge visions holding ones Selfhood together + ‘Wisdom Guides’ for Right Life Living. Since Spiritual Principles are natural extensions of the Spiritual Elementsthus possessing an Absolute Certainty “Home Base”–they are Divine Archetypes (African for “Seed”). Each “Seed” hasInvoluted (“in-folded”) Spiritual Elements Essences, which can be likened to the “genes” in a fertilized egg. Two reasons each Archetype Seed is uniquely ordered, despite having the same Cosmic Genetics, is first, certain genes are turned on while others are turned offsecond, a given Seed’s genes are in arrangements and combinations so designated as to be able to carry out its Divine Plan. That Plan is for its destination product to appear and to do duties that are novel, different, and individualized for a given human, Animal, Plant, or Mineral’s Genomics Essence/Essentials ‘nature’. So, out of each Archetype Seed, its Evolution expresses the Essentials of its parent Seed’s Essence. This is like a Tree “family” of “Roots,” Trunk, Branches, Leaves, Fruit (and its Seeds) sprouting out of its God Source Seed.Absolute Unchanging Principles are in the Immaterial Realm and form Settings for Events (changing Realities) in all Cosmic Planes. Relatively Fixed Principles are within the Cosmic River System’s Intangible (e.g. Sublime, Thought Clouds) realm flow, seemingly fixed when perceived by the human mind but they are actually flowing.

By marked contrast, Secular (the Crowd) Principles are grounded on quick-sand; Supernatural (Evil Specialists) Principles are situated on air. Thus, by Secular/Supernatural Principles being human-madeneither has a sound/solid “Home Base” for their Thought Structures to stand on + neither has Absolutely Certain ingredients + neither has an Anchor to keep their Thought Structure ingredients from drifting away from the “Home Base” and ‘branch flowing’ into an Abyss (Hell-like). This means there is no possibility, except by chance, of Secular/Supernatural Principles ever being about Truth, Knowledge, or Wisdom, as is the foundational Principle of African Tradition. In other words, nothing any Secular or Supernatural person originates and presents is ever Spiritual Truth, Knowledge, Principles, or Wisdom because they have no Absolutely Certain “Home Base.” What they do, at best, is to give “SEEMs” right flawed Principles, themselves subtle Deceptions within the Setting of the Tangible (Material World) or Fantasy (Supernatural) Realm. Neither realm possesses any Absolutely Sound/Solid Proof aspects. Hence, Secular/Supernatural definitions of “Principles” make no sense. The World Book Dictionary defines “Proof” as “a way or means of showing beyond doubt the truth of something”; “the establishment of the truth of anything”; “Demonstration.” It defines “truth” as fact or facts; a fixed or established principle, law, or the like. It defines “principle” as “a truth that is foundational for other truths”; “a fundamental belief.” That “definition” does not say the “what it is” of a “Principle”—typical of ignorant “experts” and the wicked!!!” Besides, neither Beliefs and truth, nor facts and truth are the same.

Yet, both Secular/Supernatural minded people specialize in Mind Controlling Persuasion so they can sell their Scams and Shams about the significant world-wide. Those accepting the Scams/Shams are the ignorant, naïve, gullible, or people whose “Spirits have been beaten out of them.” For Black People, all of this started with the unspeakable horrors of slavery; subsequently carried by cultural transmissions, as family/relatives/neighbor/crowd customs; now, as some so lazy as to avoid Self-Improving. Unlearn all Secular/Supernatural. Use only African Truths!


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