Dec 25, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Pre-Birth Emotions—humans most powerful mental tools!!!—were in every ‘human-to-be’ primal (first in time) profoundly peaceful state, called Hetep. AfricansLaw of Amen says: Peace is the natural, essential, and true emotional state of a human’s Being. During life’s challenges, Pre-Birth Emotions and its Siamese twin, Pre-Birth Intellect, help convey how to program the best emotional and mental responses, if any. Such is for those Happenings requiring one to always be in charge/control of ones Selfhood, of what one does, and of any significant situation one is in. When expressed, Pre-Birth Emotions are the executive force on the experience side of the Cosmic “Oneness” Web. This shows as Africans’ Law of Reciprocity–“the reward of one who acts to do Cosmic River System Standards of Good is implying I am “One” with you and so what I give to you I have given to myself–The Good I do for you, I have thus done for myself.” Because this Pre-Birth Emotional act is a display of Unconditional Love and since Unconditional Love is the Cosmic River System’s ultimate unifying force, it is part of the Cosmic Web inside the Cosmic Circle of WholismAs a result, the intended Receiver has Free Will to accept/reject the gift; do Good with the gift or not; and act for the original Giver in doing benefits by “Being Withand/or “Doing For” acts as gifts to still others. These “ME/WE” displays are Ripple “pay-forward” Reciprocities. Even if Receivers stop short of this ripple effect, “Seeds” are planted in them that later grow into ‘fruit’. Meanwhile, the Giver’s Pre-Birth Emotions spur studying the Resistant to find beneficial alternatives they might accept now or later. Hence, ongoing thought is given to exploring the chances of success by creating new Approaches (the way a goal is reached), Methods (how to do the job), Techniques(how tools are used in the approach and method) and Manner (the different ways a technique can be handled).  Such implies the Giver’s mind has been subjected to the Divine Spirit Force so as to enable it to draw on the power needed to command ones own Life-Force to be in harmony with the Laws of Nature. Even sincere Intent without success is a “Self-Win” + indicating ones Soul is vibrating at the same high rate as when one was originally conceived out of the Cosmic Creator. Staying in Hetep in all ‘ups/downs’ while within Cosmic River System Standards is the Spiritual Principle key to success in life.

A human’s Spiritual Nature is manifested by its Operations. Since the Spiritual Principle by which ones Pre-Birth Emotions operates is Unconditional Love (by being the Cosmic River System’s ultimate unifying force), its Real Self Form is the Love Platter. Understanding ‘That’ Spiritual Principle is the operation proper for each human to “Know Thyself”. And so the Love Platter’s core is the instinct to Love; to spread Love; to be Loved; and to be Lovable. Features of Pre-Birth Emotions are what pertain to: (1) being an inner most reflection of its owner’s Selfhood Synthesis’ Highest (Divinity) Self— “Spirit” + its companion purified Lower (Animalistic) Self—“Matter”–forming a coherent whole; (2) having ones “Heart” filled with Unconditional Love for the Highest (Divinity) Self of others + using it as an e-motion (outward motion) for reflecting a “Oneness” with all Real Cosmic (God) Creatures and Creations; and (3) yet being able to discern threatening, disturbing, or destructive Disharmony so as to immediately institute what is proper for Survival, Self-Preservation, and Self-Protection. By and of themselves, Thoughts cannot cause effects in ones life because they are not powers. Emotions are the expression of the characteristic behavior of the Life-Force in Motion, as determined by ones “Spirit” and/or Animalistic Self (Amen, Metu Neter VII: 66-7). Yet, it is willed Thoughts about oneself as a Spiritual, Secular (Crowd), or Supernatural (Evil Specialists) Being that determines ones habitual emotional expression. Still, thoughts must be connected to strong emotions if they are to bring about change.

The uniqueness of Pre-Birth Emotions is in it as moving principles having powers to overcome the resistance of physical (external) Matter. It lacks an “Excitement” factor—no likes/dislikes—as used by bad people for ‘Mind Control’. Rather, they generate “Aliveness”—the freedom to respond to any situation with best “ME/WE” responses. All of this provides one with ones Personal Standards (the Instincts reflecting the Will of God) which, along with ones birth assigned personal Spirit Guides, lead one to: “Be Right,” “Recognize Right,” “Do Right,” “Make Things Right,” & “Defend the Right”. Pre-Birth Emotions, not Acquired Emotions, are for all Sound Thinking!


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