Dec 25, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Everybody, many times a day, deeply Concentrates in different ways. But those doing it a certain way have Ordered, thriving lives. Typically, people concentrate on their momentary mentally strongest thought and that is usually wrapped in an emotion—i.e. a Sentiment. Yet, regardless of ones chosen way to concentrate, ones Consciousness is altered so as to become “One”—as a state of identity–with that strongest thought. However, I perhaps discovered as a boy what Primitive African knew. During summers, I would put a safety-pin, a string, and a cork (obtained from a discarded wine bottle) in my pocket before my mutt German Shepard dog, Sandy and I walked to the pond three miles away. Since no one else fished there, it was mine.  On the ground was always a broken tree limb easily converted into a fishing pole.  A rock was used to dig up night crawler worms. After putting one on the safety-pin fish hook, then tying the hook to the string, then placing the cork on the string, and then tying the string to the pole, fishing could now begin. But I always focused intently on the cork, being unaware of its profound significance in teaching me to concentrate quickly and deeply.  Such concentration led me into Contemplation–becoming part of the rhythm flow of Nature whereupon I would spontaneously enter higher, deeper, broader peaceful planes of mental and spiritual existence. But as background, the word “Contemplate” arose from Very Ancient African Sages meditating together at their Temples for purposes of heading towards becoming Mystics (i.e. establishing a union with God). While fishing, I suspect I did what they did—i.e. letting my mind be so free–not clinging to anything–as for my concentration to be without Intention. Cork focusing and mentally letting go led me into my in-most self.

Implied is normal daily concentrations involve the energy and effort of ones mind to “work”– especially with concentrating on “I have to” concentrate. By contrast, to flow with ones own Nature’s natural strivings towards being ones Highest (Divinity) Self is to not try to Concentrate. So, when “Letting Go Contemplation” occurs, powers beyond ones awareness cause ones “Heart” to “flow within the metaphorical Circular Cosmic Spiritual River System derived fromGod’s Androgynic plast Cosmic SeedThat Systemitself is composed of God’s Genetics—i.e. the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Unconditional Love is the ultimate unifying force since it connects and interpenetrates all Real Creatures/Creations within the multi-dimensional Cosmic System. Hence, any and all ingrediencies within the Cosmic River System have Absolute Certainty of eternal (timeless), stationary, infinite, consistent, permanent, and an unchanging state of Continuity (unity among apparent diversity) sameness as its Element forms evolve. And nothing else in the World, does!!! So, no alternate/outside Truths exist! To Concentrate without intension slides one into ones in-most boundless light of Cosmic Genius Reality wherein resides the Cosmic “Big Mind.” It nourishes all Spiritually interconnected Creatures and Creations inside the Cosmic Circle of Wholism. So, each time one enters it, one reinforces a “ME/WE” sense of “Oneness” with the Circle of Wholism. Ones Ultimate Cosmic Powers consist of: (1) Omniscience–total knowledge of everything from possessing “First Wisdom” of Cosmic Laws and whose Pure Intellect finds ‘workable’ solutions for life’s worst problems; (2)–Omnipresence—being in the Cosmic River System–thus everywhere simultaneously by having “ME/WE Oneness” engaged in creating, enhancing, maintaining Harmony and sharing the same Spiritual Space; and (3) Omnipotenceunlimited, universal Spiritual Power in natural Peace responses to ones challenges, adversities, and oppositions + achieving pertinent goals within ones Capacity, Mission, and Destiny. These powers enable one to seeInner Similarities in dissimilar things; distinguish the superficial/profound; separate the Truth from its look-alikes; and realize many connecting Truths behind/below/above each Truth.

As a result of bathing in Cosmic Genetic Essences, one can extract African Tradition’s Infinite Spiritual Realm Quartet “Tools” for evolving towards one Highest Self.Spiritual Knowledge, Truth, Principles, and Wisdom are displays of humans’ only True Intelligence. Each is a natural extension of the Spiritual Elementsis aboutAbsolute Certainty—greater than Faith!; is a Divine Archetype (African for “Seed”). The more, deeper, and longer each is focused on, ones ever expanding Consciousness increasingly benefits from them, as they evolve all necessities for Right Life Living.


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