Dec 25, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Since the Spiritual of the Natural World is ignored today, people are only exposed to what is short of where all real, absolute, and certain life-shaping/life-changing things begin. This makes for two broad Schema (C16, form) categories—the Spiritual Illogical and the Non-Spiritual Illogical, itself being terribly disordered. A way of Classification is to use the Schema Ladder that spans “Heaven’s Truths” and the Surreal at the bottom.  The Spiritual “Illogical”—Type I–refers to humans’ primal (first in time) Energy, i.e. Pre-Birth Emotions. They are Illogical/Irrational Entity Schema since they precede appearances of ones post-birth variously organized Acquired Intellect; consist of mosaic bits and pieces derived from the vibratory Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural; are synthesized into a Theme comprising all or any part of the “Oneness” blend of Life. But since they can be described as vague, unformed, in a virtual state and yet are an ordered, reproducible composition, these mosaics are in a harmonious organized transcendental state (i.e. “climb beyond” into Mental Freedom realms above time and space). By them originating in Souls of ‘humans-to-be’ while residing in their Cosmic Organism “home” means they are outside the realm of those humans’ post-Earth World birth’s Acquired Intellect’s Rational systematic processes. What shows in Schema forms how they assert their Spiritual Irrationality Pre-Birth Emotions, thoughts and experiences is the Unconditional Love bonding displayed by Mother and her newly born + her nourishing + protection.

By contrast, Acquired Emotions are Secular Illogical Schema–meaning they are Spiritually unconnected; are vague, unformed, unordered, not understandable, non-reproducibleare exploitations of chance effects; and are accompanied with unexpected juxtapositions of associates. Similarly, European dictionaries define “Irrational” as clearly contrary to sound reason. So, Irrational thoughts, like the senselessness of the “Illogical,” have no chance of being “right” or useful. The standard for their comparison is with Organized Thoughts—called “Thinking”. This is ones Will-Power selecting and arranging mental ingredients of Thought into meaningful units—to veto or sanction suggestions—to cause impulses to act according to ones innate sense of logical (orderly) connection—or to condition acquired information for storage. The Secular Irrational has no such patterns since their incongruous arrangement and presentations are arrived at by humans’ automatism—i.e. mechanical and involuntary ways. As a result, with both the Illogical/Irrational, ones Unconscious mind finds expression through uncontrolled/uncensored images or of its infinite variability/ambiguity. These constitute the core of the following Secular Schemas—i.e. Type II is SEEMs Real; Type IIIconsiderednear-right Real; and Type IV—Secular human Crowds’ normal mental activity interactionsIn dealings with the fantasy Type V—Surreal Schema and Type VI,make-believe Supernatural Schema of Supernatural cults, the thinking is not mathematical. Both are more advanced patterns than the Secular. Surrealism dominates in two main directions. One is pure Fantasy—like a bottle dryer, a bicycle wheel, and a bird cage filled with sugar cubes and a thermometer—a random, irrational assortment of brick-a-brac. The second is the elaborate reconstruction of a Dream World in the form of highly detailed likenesses of Things, straight or distorted, or 3-dimensional abstractions, in a fantastic and unexpected juxtaposition, or in an hallucinatory set-up. Supernatural Schema are Non-Rational—i.e. more on the order of non-logical than illogical/irrational. Expressions of Supernatural Schema Non-Rational include fighting, being self-destructive, petty and vindictive, acting out when one does not get ones way, abuse and neglect of others, rationalizing, projecting, and stereotyping. One engages in self-contradiction, deception, denial, inconsistencies; ignores relevant evidence; proceeds in the face of contrary evidence; jumps to conclusions; and think, feel, say, and do things that do not make sense. This comes from being self-absorbed–viewing everything within ones world in relationship to oneself and Selfhood Splintering.

To illustrate, one may do “logical” thinking with what one chooses to perceive out of the big picture and arrive at a properly processed conclusion, itself, not being true. A vital aspect is Secular and Supernatural Schema have little or no Understanding of one or more fundamentals in the core of life which are pertinent to giving awareness of the essentials of the topic at hand.


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