Dec 10, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

To “Be about Nothing,” as is today’s socialization objective, vs. to “Be about Something” so as to have a meaningful life, both carry huge life living Problems. Option Assessments of each is a way to build Critical Thinking. Step I are disharmonious Settings/Situations beyond ones control (e.g. racism). Type A: Was the reason for not getting a check because it did not get mailed? Was it mailed but returned by the post office? Mailed but stolen out of your mailbox? Type B: problems from others judging you by a different set of rules for doing the same as anyone else involved in the same Setting/Situation. Type C: those who create losses, lacks, obstacles, rumors because “misery loves company”. Type D is looking at oneself: “What part did I play in causing the problem?” “What flaw did I make that started, contributed to, or kept the problem going?” Or, helped along in the Happening by doing things not needed or were useless or were misunderstood? or could have spurred others to react badly? Step II: elaborates on Step I by recording daily bad examples in a Self-Help Notebook. Make a list of what is working well; working poorly or destructively; working without advantages/disadvantages. Next, make a never ending list of ones good, indifferent, bad points. Each item on each of those seven lists are graded from 1 to 100 for the good or bad, so as to arrive at a total score for each list. Step III: For each item on each list, assess the causes, effects, consequences, results with applicable questions, as: “Did I interpret the situation correctly?” “Have I exaggerated how bad things were?” Study carefully what all went wrong with each happening.  Endless Flaws come from errors, misinterpretations, or sloppy actions. Flawed examples in Works include: riddling as in being shoddy, poorly thought out, narrow in option considerations, weak, inadequate, limited, defective, incomplete; non-pertinent; not of keystone importance; facades; confusingly directed or headed; placed on improper planes of existence; improperly arranged or combined; deceiving; in conflict; evilly misinterpreted; racially/ethnocentrically biased and prejudiced; injustice; in conflict; and/or mostly simply wrong!

Step IV: Assess reasons for doing what you did/did not do, but ought to have done. Example: Have you shut down opportunities from showing Bad Manners by not responding to gifts or email advice given by people who are able to help you further? If so, they may simply not give you anything else and thus you will never know the advantages you could have had by showing responses. Many self-created problems come from being totally disorganized and putting Desires before the Necessary/Important. Why is that? Is it from being addicted to following the Crowd and totally engaged in doing the self-defeating things they do? Is it from being Self-Absorb so as to make oneself the center of the External world? Is it from knowing one is too mentally weak from a lifestyle of laziness from not wanting to disturb oneself and thus avoid “must do” problems because they are too hard? This makes one a Slave to the ignorant, fools, the stupid, con-artists, and the wicked. Assess all flaws in order to extract the lesson. Are you a sloppy worker who only wants to do just enough to get by? To only want the “gist” of what people are saying rather than listening from beginning to end and without fashioning an answer in the process? Do you only want to get the gist of what is necessary on a “need-to-know” basis? Step V: Management: Correct the flaw in present/future Settings/Situations; correct/replace each with a fitting Human Ideal; keep your word to carry it to completion; shed the Useless; handle problematic parts until they are non-issues; perfect the Good. For flaws occurring in the past/present: (1) Extract/Learn lesson of your/others flaws; (2) apply lessons learned to present situations so as to assist in staying on course; know what to avoid when facing a like-kind situation in the future; (3) make retributions to any person or Thing adversely affected; (4) lay out a Plan for never, ever repeating that mistake again. (5) Place lessons learned into every field of action in your life.

Step VI: For your life’s ‘Big Picture,” select a Human Ideal Destination to mesh with your mental and physical abilities so as for all to join to enhance your Talent/Mission in life. This takes much research, always from African Tradition, never European. Modify it to be as nearly harmonious with your present environment as possible. Once that is found, stay on a “straight ahead” course, regardless of what others do or say against it. Make Fun out of Hard Work!


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