Dec 10, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Ones life’s duties embrace being Self-Sufficientsoaring high with ones own wings by taking charge/control of oneself (e.g. emotions, passions, thoughts) + all one says/does + in each significant Setting/Situation. These relate to: (1) ones activities of daily living, as in great efforts to Create, Enhance, and Maintain“ME/WE”Harmony and Self-Improvement for ones family/friends; (2) throughout ones Career; to smooth, restore, rebuild from  problems generated by ones mistakes, limitations, flaws, errors, wrong doings; (3) fully cultivate ones Talent to achieve Self-Expression heights of ones abilities; (4) doing a life’s Selfless Service Mission; and (5) Protect, Preserve, Reduce, Prevent, Defend against and/or overcome Disharmony done by the ignorant, foolish, stupid, con-artist, or wicked who put losses, lacks, and obstacles on ones “ME/WE” path. The best people, with the best intentions to do the best things in life, will be “Taken Down” by failing to know how to deal with inevitable problems they will, if not already, face in simply living. Most say: “Since what I am in for, I have no idea about” they, starting immediately, are to learn to cope with the worst of what is happening and what might or will happen. “Cope” (C14, deal with, hit, punch) means (1641) to contend with something difficult—meet in battle, come to blows–so as to have a successful outcome; to dress with a cape. Neither of these European concepts concern my idea of Coping. For me to Philosophically Cope with my problems/issues means fashioning acceptable ways to philosophically handle what I consider injustices in a manner that puts me on the path to being empowered and maintain a Selfhood Greatness sense. That requires searching for ways and means to slow, stop, and/or reverse any created adverse progress.

To this end, I discovered a tow-rope to hold onto from Ancient African Sages teachings that ones purpose in life is to fulfill the Divine Plan and to use the difficulties one has in life as a tool to force out the divine powers within ones Selfhood so they can be cultivated into skills and powers. These are to bear upon tasks whereby significant problems occur either intermittently or continuously. This concept came during my Orthopaedic Surgery residency/fellowship training when invariably people took credit for my work and made money from my products. To deal with this was to view the unbalanced Scale of Personal Justice by devising what I call the method of Philosophical Coping. Category I is the daily arena of what one does which requires fashioning a Philosophical Coping Warehouse for how to successfully and calmly overcome mild and slight daily losses, lacks, and obstructions. Category II comes from handling devastations of a Moderate or Extreme degree while remaining in a “calm, cool, and collected” state. To stay in Selfhood Balance, these only work when one is preparing to do, or is actually doing, Selfless Service. Nothing happens if one has a ‘me, me, me’ material world orientation (e.g. to get rich, famous, rewarded, or to be put in high status positions). Step I is for me to wallow in “self-pity” for 30 seconds, after which I declare an immediate and permanent end to the cause and effects of that “self-pity”. Step II is to appreciate what I have left (e.g. my health; and that the bad happenings were not worse). Step III considers any appreciations for any opportunities/benefits arising from the injustices just received + thank whomever helped me + make retributions to those who lost ‘stuff’. Step IV: I go through a series of “what if’s” in order to gain insights into the part I played in allowing these losses to happen + what I can do to reduce chances of them ever happening again. Most prominent for Philosophical Coping is realizing things lost were what I had been clinging to and by losing these bonds provides a sense of freedom. After all, I could not take them with me when I died but rather only their good memories. From learning what/what not to do in these processes gives rise to Knowledge (Vision). That enables one to know how to self-cultivate—i.e. to shape ones behaviors so as to devise methods to lead one away from ones animalistic influences. That is Wisdom!

My Mission to help struggling Black youth with overwhelming problems/issues is to say to those willing to listen: “Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain Wisdom, not a guide by which to live.” You remain Selfhood Great despite the bad. Then, processes for “How to Think,” are conveyed in ways they can be best receivedtypically using Affect Symbolic ImageryA way to determine ones degree of “ME/WE” success—which one will never know–is by African Reciprocity—the helped, help others!!!


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