Dec 10, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Within humans are Spiritual Principles and Forces which influence their thinking, feelings, actions, and destiny. As a a classifying system for these Spheres of Influences, Ancient African Sages determined 11 laws of God which are experienced in all people as urges or inner drives. Sphere 4 Law, called Ma’at, is Pre-Birth Intellect, superseding all other Intellects!!! As background, Humans’ Souls are composed of a “drop” of Spirit from the boundless, God Spirit Ocean. That Spirit “drop” contains, among others, a likeness/Image of God, including an awareness of Cosmic Laws, called “First Knowledge.” Pre-Birth Intellect manifests in humans’ Spirits as a universally ‘Felt’ need for Order (Law). Ancient Africans defined “Law” as the foundation of all Cosmic manifestations and denoting a sequence of inherently related Events that occurdespite their apparent variability,with unvarying uniformity under the same conditions. Those Events (changing Realities) emanate from pre-existing patterns of Spiritual Principles which enable Certainty Right statements to be made in mandatory (as commanded by the Supreme Being) forms. Cosmic Spiritual Elements “Genetics” of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural are the Spiritual Principle of all of Life’s Operations + the ultimate unifier of all God-made realities within humans and all other Real Cosmic multi-systems. By these “Genetics” ever flowing within the metaphorical Cosmic River System means any part within it is Truth. The nature of a Thing is manifested by its Operation. Truth concerns itself with  proper functioning of things within the Cosmic River System and its Operations—their purpose—and the correct interaction with, and use of, those things. The Spiritual Principle by which a given thing operates is itsForm.

Any Visions gathered out of a given Truth consist of Knowledge. Any Mathematical evolution out of what is Involuted in that Vision is a Spiritual Principle.Understanding Spiritual Principles is the operation proper for each human to “Know Thyself”—i.e. to discover what is natural within oneself and that each one is a vital part of the Cosmic Circle of Wholism. Pre-Birth Intellect’s “First Knowledge” includes having the awareness of the Ultimate Unifying Force within oneself and in all of the Cosmic Organism as being Unconditional Love. By it acting through an “illogical and Irrational” Mathematical Process means it is a Schema—i.e. arriving at pertinent Truths via other than in a step by step fashion. As Pre-Birth Emotions/Intellect simulate a Siamese twin, they have abilities to: (a) discern the abstract unity and interdependence between Cosmic Circle of Wholism Entities; (b) think Circumspectly—i.e. able to coordinate the activity of all the faculties of the Spirit which, in turn, establishes and spurs the Will to carry out its functions of controlling humans’ Animalistic impulses; (c) free humans’ Higher (Divinity) Selves to think Cosmologically—i.e. to see and synthesize the abstract unity and interdependence between all involved independent real things–and to establish Truth from mathematically determined Spiritual Principlesand (d) do “Leaping”Associated Thinking by illogical, not logical or disorganized thinking. Pre-Birth Intellect specializes in Analysis–i.e. an ability to see abstract differences between things. “Leap” Thinking is a way to: (1) see all of the obvious and uncover Patterns obscured by their context; (2) find hidden relationships between seemingly unrelated pieces of Patterns—either because of its Correspondence or because, despite not having Correspondence, the interrelationships still work well together; (3) recognize a known Spiritual Principle in disguise–as evidenced by its coherent, enduring, balanced, harmonious, interconnections, and unchanging elements/pattern–so as to generate a correspondence.

Pre-Birth Emotions’ Right Brain type and Pre-Birth Intellect’s Left Brain type of abilities combine so as to: follow processes in an issue which have similarities between things below appearance levels; see their relationships to each other; synthesize its aspects; creatively design bridging gaps by harmoniously fitting the parts–regardless of how remote in time or space; and take acrobatic leaps which successfully unify pertinent things into a whole. Resultant intuitive vision gives clear and immediate understanding or learning taking place without reliance on overt or prior experience. Pre-Birth Intellect’s focus is on any Justice, as in using its superior forces to impose itself on, and replace, the Bad. This is Supreme Thinking!!! [Ref: Amen, MAAT, p1; Metu Neter II; Afrocentric Guide to a Spiritual Union; Tree of Life; Bailey, Thinking in African Tradition]


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