Dec 3, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

The same core of Mathematical Patterns are in all Cosmic micro-systems (e.g. humans, cells) and every Cosmic macro-system (e.g. all of Nature). Just as the fertilized egg, a Spiritual “Glob,” can emanate all of the organized systems (e.g. organs) to exist in a fully realized human, it is also capable of producing multiple humans. Nature’s equivalent of a fertilized “Glob” egg is its “Globular Cluster” of stars, galaxies, or supergalaxies–itself almost spherical, with compactness increasing toward its center. A human’s in-born untapped birth gifts of potential possibilities are like a supergalaxy. Ones Supreme Intellect is closer than ones Reasoning and Logic skills; ones Genius is closer still to the core Cosmic Circle of Wholism Center, orchestrated by the Cosmic Genius Source. A human’s Genius originates the ingredients for the infinite mental and Selfhood functions needed for a human’s life. Ones Genius core has satellite Associates, each with specialized duties—some active; some dormant and awaiting cultivation. Perhaps one or more of the most significant of these unrealized reality potentials could make one an Earth world contributor to the “ME/WE” galaxy–or even a supergalaxy. Similar to how a human’s given cell’s DNA contains an inherent intelligence to activate and inhibit cells differently in order to create proteins (among others) to do specific and unique things, ones unrealized realities have the same capabilities. In the following statement, substitute one of your potential possibilities for “cell.” Each human body cell conforms to the constitutional rules laid out by theMitochondrial DNA (equating to the Cosmic Intelligence) in the “First Cell”. That cell has been traced to the original African female Ancestor (c200,000 BC) identifying Africa as the home of the mitochondrial gene pool from which Humankind arose. Yet, every human’s body organ is working independently in doing its duty while all cells and all organs interdependently fashion products “identical with” keeping that human healthy. Amazingly, that human’s complete set of genetic ingredients remains in harmony, including gene sequences, structure, function, regulation of gene expression, and gene-environment interactions. This is in keeping with Ancient Africans’ discovery of basic vibrational laws of the Cosmos simply repeat themselves on all Cosmic planes of existence.

Bringing ones Potentials into Reality is ones own task, powered by a sense of Selfhood Greatness. It is always striving for Human Ideal “ME/WE” benefits. Ideas can be gathered from those who have had like-kind patterns for living and are honorable. Ancient Africans considered the honorable as those whose thoughts were about establishing Peace, who demonstrated worthwhile behavior with a sense of Integrity, and who were the picture of Self-Mastery. Self-Preparation is to shed ones child’s mind geared to “Excitement,” for when this persists into adulthood as a way of life, it becomes an addiction that blocks ones IntellectA way Ancient Africans Self-Cultivated was to shed all mental confinements and lower realm bondages so as to reach higher realms. For this to happen required becoming a self-master at achievinga consistently peaceful mind state. Next, they reversed the practice of dealing with what was required for daily Right Life Living to study what they were ignoring. To see what this is like, try studying all the things you consider unimportant or dislike–details, spaces, philosophy, the boring, the weird, ways elders do things, the unfamiliar, the hard, the new, and enemies. By so doing, one gains Insights—i.e. recognition of masked happenings in the present—which supplies one with bits and pieces of truth about what to do/not do and what could positively happen to overrule or eliminate the negative occurrences. That new mindset is an African Tradition’s Institutionalized Schema, in which the selection of Human Ideals pertinent to an individual’s capabilities could become a standard for living.

Since Primitive Africans were Humankind’s greatest students of Nature, seeing and imitating what works and survives, Ancient Africans knew the Processes of Nature to be the standard against which their ways could be compared to see if they qualified to be Truths. When they found a flaw in their think, feel, say, and deeds, they were confident in having Unrealized Realities to do the necessary modifications or replacements. By considering achieving Selfhood Synthesis to be a prime duty in life, they used the same processes to purify their Lower (Animalitic) Selves so it could join their Highest (Divinity) Selves and be a forceful unit for self-improvement.


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