Nov 27, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

“Vision” (‘to see’) has wide semantic meanings. Its spans from Spiritual Reality all the way over to the ‘far out’ Surreal’s Supernatural—like fantasy Phantasmagoric entities (e.g. the bogeyman) and Chimera (e.g. monstrous serpents, dogs, cats, devils, humans) presented as real. In the spans’ middle are “Speculation” and Spiritual “Visions,” called synonyms when Visions are like awake dreams. Here, instead of normally seeing things with dilutions/pollutions, one has a true Vision: (1) in seeing first the Thing’s essence as it came into Beinghood—i.e. its “what it is”; (2) view the “Core” of an existing Thing—i.e. the innermost “heart of the Thing” from which the salient (i.e. what projects beyond the surface) parts bind together to form reflections on the existence and nature of pertinent things present in the Cosmos, the psyche, and God; (3) discern similarities in the dissimilar as well as uniqueness in similarities so as to present the Truth itself, like a landscape to the eye; and (4) Intellectual and Poetic Imaginative “seeing” of things whole, clear, accurately, and precisely. The latter implies “Sympathetic Knowledge” from ones Intuition, “Poetic Knowledge” (i.e. irreducible union with the Thing), “Feelings meshing into a fusion with the Spiritual Elements,” Instincts, Contemplation, and Knowledge by “Connaturality” (i.e. knowing others human nature by ones own since they share the same Spiritual Elements’ as their “Home Base”). Hence, these forms of mental or imaginative “Vision Seeings” of a Thing’s reality are not possible by normal physical sight. “Vision Seeing” involves Pre-Birth Emotions’ comprehension + its Siamese Pre-Birth Intellect twin’s physical perceptions. Both enable seeing the infinite in the finite and yet avoiding seeing what is not pertinent. Promoting such seeing may be by having practical foresight; a just opened up insight which then spurs an unrealized reality awaiting realization; discerning what has the greatest hidden power of present ingredients; a lofty mental elevation into a way of viewing that gives meaning to all that passes, and yet has always eluded apprehension; a final Good, eager for possession, despite having been beyond all reach; or something assumed to be the ultimate ideal but a hopeless quest.

Once the Vision starts, it sees what lies beyond, behind, below, above, around, inside, as well as within the passing Core flux of immediate things in the finite. By focusing on the Core’s underground foundation and Essence “Home Base,” upon which the Thing stands, is to enter into its infinite aspects. This implies understanding is not so much intellectual as it is detecting the Thing’s Spiritual Principles, themselves natural extensions of the Things Cosmic River System’s Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. The Attributes of Spiritual Principles can be made into new Cosmic Forms by them being arranged/rearranged and/or combined/re-combined in any manner—whether in Divine, Spiritual, Psychic, Astral, Physiological, and/or simply Physical realms. These real discoveries are known by being yoked to ones Soul rhythms. Whatever method is used to generate those new Cosmic Forms is the true Intelligence usage within ones in-born Genius.“Hind-Sight” Vision is to know where one is going but then keep looking back at the stepping stones just left to see if one is on a “straight-ahead” course. Continuing to engage in Contemplation causes one to move to inferential knowledge, which opens mental doors for true hunches, insights, and intuitions for ones mind to enter. This allows for synthesizing certain Truths of the Spiritual (as Ancient African Sages obtained by means of Circumstantial Truths) and of Matter into ForeKnowledge(awareness of what is yet to occur). Vision benefits are awareness of pertinent Unknowns. Since Knowing includes Visions derived from Truth, they put one into the multi-system Cosmic River network so one can “Feel” the Cosmic Organism as a “ME/WE” inseparable “Oneness”—the universal Truth of wholeness.

A Vision is determined by not only seeing into telescopic distances but also by it bringing Peace. This does not come as a result of a struggle to have it but rather it appears suddenly and strangely, while calm. Practically, as has happened to me, a Vision may give one a Purpose in life. It also serves as a spur to implement that vision, as it unfolds views of worthwhile things on the path to ones Mission in life. So, a Vision is an image originating outside of ones Consciousness–an awareness of displays of a Thing’s true nature—by one recognizing its actuality of being of itself–and without any associated thing making it go–and without being worked upon.


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