Nov 27, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Insight’s Critical Thinking skills, drawing on many brain faculties, necessitate ones entire Right and Left Brains but with the disciplined Right Brain orchestrating involved insight ingredients. Creative break-throughs generally result by finding hidden relationship flaws obscuring the insight core context Pattern. Reversal is by visual right-brain thinking, since it is not fooled by unimportant differences like orientation, lighting, and distance.  As opposed to Reason and formal Language, the right brain’s flexibility in its dimensional abilities of assessing thoughts and memories mean they are not necessarily taken literally. So, the key to what blocks Insights was said by Ancient Africans for there to always be an undiscovered logical coherence among the parts of a problem—perhaps in its basic logical step by step process used to arrive at a conclusion–and/or in the Pattern of its underlying base (discussed by T. Obenga, in Wiredu p41 and in Bailey, Word Stories Originated by Ancient Africans). A process for locating one or more undiscovered logical coherences is the “Four P’s”. This embraces: Phase I–“Penetration” (one looks just below the surface); Phase II, “Perfusion” (one sees just below the surface); Phase III,  “Permeation” (spotlights nooks, crannies, and recesses below the surface); Phase IV, “Pervasion” (one sees and becomes part of the flow of the essence of what is on the surface as well as what is inside, surrounding, and outside the Essence of the topic, person, or thing viewed). Permeation is likened to  a gas diffusing through all the pores or intermolecular spaces of a solid or another gas—then Perfuses or spreads into and out of every rung’s branches of life. Pervade describes actions of that gas which fills all open spaces of what has been permeated and perfused. Surroundings are also studied.

Each Phase is entered by removing its cover. “Fittings” that come into view are analyzed by “seeing” them variously so as to inspect each available side—any inside/outside details–top/bottom aspects. To discern their relationship order enables grasping of whatever is relevant to the solution. Harmony examples are: seeing the common in the uncommon; the uncommon in the common; Inner Similarities in things with dissimilar appearances; discern uniqueness in similarities; and interrelationships between dissimilar and similar things. Any of these Insights can generate new meanings and provide new perspectives. From these viewings, one can discern the inner nature of real things–a discerning which enables the bringing together of seemingly unrelated things–a discerning enabling one to recognize the Principle contained in the essence of the significant thing at hand, regardless of its varied appearances or situational presentation forms—a discerning that can reflect on all pros/cons—a reflection enhancing assessments of all needed to take calculated risks prior to making choices, decisions, and solutions—or not–or what to modify. Insights progress by an awareness of an Association’s inner nature core of a family of diverse things undergoing reorganization or restructuring into a solid pattern. Any Pattern disharmony calls for further research/reflection to shed, alter, or add what is most insight pertinent. Then, the needed arranging/rearranging and combining/recombining are done to bring every independent ingredient into an interdependent harmonious, power Theme.

For a power Theme to develop, all core parts must have complete adaptation of each part to the whole, implying perfect adjustment of all conditionsSo, now, with each repeated study and reflection on the core of the issue at hand, the wider the scope of understanding and the richer the meanings related to what is pertinentTo arrive at Esoteric Knowledge is to be exposed to intricacies of whatever is defying insights into fundamental thoughts/understandings. Esoteric Knowledge is the secret “What and Why” meanings of the Essence/Essentials unit lying hidden within the core of the issue at hand. Getting to it means one understands the inner Truths of the Secret. From this Truth discernment, from “Feeling Reality” contained in Esoteric Knowledge, comes an Insight—initially usually being below the threshold of consciousness. It is a kind of word-less presence, awareness, knowledge, or understanding that is never explicit; a unconsummated pattern of what Critical Thinking (CT) has been searching for. When this sub-awareness Insight has application to a life-shaping/life-changing happening and when CT can “Feel” this is right for rippling “ME/WE” benefits, then the mature Insight “pops-up” into ones consciousness as a burst of split-second creativity.


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