Nov 4, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Poetry embraces the whole field of thoughtful, emotional, imaginative composition within an ethereal context. Spiritual Poetic Metaphysical Thinking appeared to my mind when my 4th grade teacher read to the class: “Somebody said that it couldn’t be done/But he with a chuckle replied/Maybe it couldn’t but he would be one/who wouldn’t say so till he had tried/So he buckled right in with a trace of a grin/He took off his coat and went to it/He started to sing as he tackled the thing/that couldn’t be done and he did it” (Guest). This poem–without pointing to anything in particular—served as a subtle force for me to make a Self-Declaration always to do what ought be done by making a well-thought out Plan; and doggedly, almost stubbornly, sticking with it to completion. Poetic Metaphysical aspects of this have evolved in my life by serving as the core for adding varied elements. Combinations were synthesized to make many higher order dimensions for unique usages. Meanwhile, all rays of each dimension maintained right relations with and right behaviors toward the Divine, Nature, and non-evil humans. That evolution has branched as a supreme Standard into all Spiritual, Mental, and Physical aspects of my life to thereby be foundational to Self-Trust/Self-Reliance. Such is Spiritual because of it being in the Divine Cosmic River System flow of doing Right Life Living.

By living alone with oneself throughout life, if one cannot keep ones word—ones promise—to oneself, then one has no one to trust. From Metaphysical thinking’s imaging Spiritual aspects into forms, its full Spiritual, Spiritual/Metaphysical, and Spiritual/Metaphysical/Physical expressions are impossible. Thus, Poetic Metaphysical Thinking must make its message core known as a wordless abstract and/or abstraction Sign. The Sign’s Essence message and its shadows give Excesses of significant relationship meanings, each producing an atmosphere and aura. All contribute to understanding what otherwise has no frontiers and is indescribably measured by “Feeling” it. Poetry’s push of Reality boundaries is not so much about ones memory as it is in trusting ones imagination. Thus, its products are more than humans can get their minds around. Yet, the idea is not to make for accurate or precise thinking but to “Feel the Real, Deep, Heart-felt Truth”—an act of “Phosphorescence”—i.e. ones in-most illumination of Reality. It vitalizes memory; provides guidance in daily life; and reconnects one with ones Living-Dead Ancient African Ancestors. This is like painters’ color-designed and rhythm-conveying nuances. Still, Spiritual Poetic Metaphysical Thinking’s universality means, in spite of its obscurity processes, it has a more general and more powerful dominion over the mental faculties than the best Painting Arts. Also, its comprehensiveness is far closer to vital Truth than any human devised history. “Nuance” is applied to anything pertaining to subtle variations. Examples include discerning shades of an emotion—delicate, accurate, precise meaning distinctions–keenness or sharpness of thought–or depth of refinement in Manners. Nuances Imaged like Symbols and accumulated into a mental idea means that created idea is viewed as a whole greater than as the sum of its parts. Getting to that product requires “dematerializing” or erasing boundaries of mental ingredients inside ones Imagination so as to disregard all limitations. That wipes out edges separating the meanings placed upon human thoughtand without diluting or polluting the original message.This allows all involved in the “Big Picture” of the issue to be stripped to the Essence or down to what is pertinent. As a result, unsuspected and novel interior connections can be made between seemingly unlike Things. The “dematerializing” process evaporates the languages one used to form the product.

Now, both oneself and “tuned-in” others have a “common ground”–by osmosis (unspoken understanding communication)–to comprehend the message.  So, by being in the same Cosmic River System flow, Symbols of the Icon Image, despite being illusions of Reality, still convey Circumstantial Truths of Reality. This results in a striking and sudden fashioning of connecting and meshing Links for two unlike appearing Things—even Things remote from one another in Character. They retain Correspondence through their “This-ness.” “This-ness” is the Essence’s “what it is” and Primary Qualities in the “here and now” as it came into existence. That meshed Link consists of a Synthesis which makes for an easy apprehension—i.e. the grasping and taking hold of the “big picture” Image through ones senses, mind, instincts, and/or “Feeling” it.


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