Nov 4, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

Self-Mastery—i.e. in Charge/Control of oneself, of all one does, and any big Setting/Situation one is in—requires Insight to Be Right,” “Recognize Right,” “Do Right,” “Make Things Right,” and “Defend the Right”. In African Tradition, “Insight” originated as ones “Inner Vision” pertaining to the Cosmic Circle of Wholism. Here, all Creatures/Creations are Spiritually Connected, no matter how remote in time or Space—the African Law of Sympathy. Such “Mental Sight” into a human’s in-most light of Reality, where resides one Cosmic (God-yoked) Genius—called Contemplation–enables one to “Know Thyself” as being vital to the Cosmic Organism “Oneness”. Ancient Africans discovered Carbon, the key atom found in all living Matter, linked with other carbon atoms to form black Melanin. Melanin was the first known chemical able to capture light and reproduce itself. Next, around this chemical key to life, they found the brain itself to be centered so as to be associated with Inner vision, Intuition, Creative Genius, Spiritual Illumination, and high intelligence in Black People. All of these were discovered to be dependent upon Pineal Gland blood borne chemical messengers that controlled skin color. Such opened hidden doors to the Collective Unconscious’ seemingly dark mind. This allowed Ancient African priest-scientists to visualize knowledge from the timeless memory banks inherited into their minds. By extracting Spiritual Principles from these memory bank insights led to inferring an ordered interrelated Divine and Social binding within the Circle of Cosmic Wholism Organism’s existence. Foundational to these happening is Divinely emanated “Aliveness” Spiritual Energy which is always within the metaphorical Cosmic River System’s Spiritual Elements flow. “Aliveness” ensures ones dedicated perseverance/diligence to wrestle with barriers covering each issue’s secret knowledge.

Flowing inside “Aliveness” is a human’sDivine Unconsciousness (Unconditional Love based) providing Inner Vision Luminosity to a human’s pre-Earthly instilled Soul’s “Connaturality” Knowing (Entities connected by Nature). “Connaturality” is ones Spiritual Awareness intuited from other Real Cosmic Entities composing the Cosmic Organism “Family”–all sharing Genetic connectednessBonding of Mother and her newborn is an instance of Connaturality. Being in the Spiritual Cosmic River System’s flow opens paths for a human’s Genius to acquire pertinent understandings by Insights “Outsiders” miss—discern powerful meanings within the involved ingredients—and use resultant insights for wide-scope Creativity and Planning needed to make tough choices, tough decisions and/or tough problem-solving for “ME/WE” benefits. Continued Contemplation engagement causes ones Intellectual Knowledge to be replaced by Inferential Spiritual Qualitative Knowledge, based upon Deductive/Inductive Reasoning. To enter the Unknown, Inductions collect all pertinent “Particulars” relating to a problem—draw from it so as to infer general principles or a general conclusion to explain related happenings present in the Cosmic Order. Deductions are reasonings proceeding from what is Known to reach a “Particular,” specific conclusion. Both Insights expand on unrealized realities—helpful for paths to answers + serve as “deposits” for withdrawing Ideas + formulate Patterns used to solve similar present problems + lay out routes into the unknown to understand like-kind anticipated problems in the future. As a result, Inferential Knowledge of new things slides one on into a kind of Experiential Concept awarenessi.e. what is created out of ones own experiences—whether by Deliberate Planning; Reflection; or ‘Trial and Error’. If it is Experiential Knowledge and becomes part of an individual, it patterns insights to keep discerning the real/unreal. Such spontaneity (happenings of itself) spurs ones Genius to have pertinent Understandings of its Harmony/Disharmony and ‘fit’, regardless of the position in which it is seen.

At that point, Experiential Knowledge becomes a seed which models the Law of Spiritual Creativity (i.e. by itself, it reproduces itself to become the thing it makes). Thereafter, interwoven into ones Selfhood is overflowing Creativity. Each repeated “ME/WE” success makes for lasting “Fun Aliveness”. When in this Spiritual “Zone,” possessing certain Circumstantial Spiritual/Matter Truths, one has daily living Practical Wisdomand right actions are made from thatOne sees things as they really are while they are doing what they naturally do, absent any faith, beliefs, or mysticism. Then, ones instinctual reaction is: “I Know (Feel) that’s right!” 


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