Nov 1, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

A material “Tow-Rope” is short pieces of twisted fibers humans cling to for maintaining stability, as while mountain climbing or crossing a canyon. But each human has a unique non-material Tow-Rope. One category is fantasy Contingent Beings presented as real. Early ones were called  Jinn demons 2,000 years before Adam and Eve. These Phantasmagoric entities (e.g. the bogeyman) assume Chimera (monstrous) forms as serpents, dogs, cats, monsters, and even humans. Second are External World Tow-Ropes, like addictions (alcohol, ‘Street Drugs,’ Social Media, Flashing Light Gadgets). Third is for usage in trying to stay “Positive.” A fourth was of Enslaved Africans, after being brainwashed out of “Knowing the Spiritual God” over to having “Belief/Faith” in Europeans’ fantasy Supernatural God, created a Hybrid Religion. It well served as aTow-Rope spirit to define their humanity and to be an unending “tower of strength” to get through Europeans’ unspeakable Hellish treatment of them and their descendants on up to the present. Despite also serving as a powerful bond between like-kind Believers, it has devastating self-defeating effects of great magnitude. Fifth, aPhilosophical “Tow-Rope” connects where one has been with where one intends to be at ones final destination–while not creating new problems. An example is my “Tow-Rope” which originally formed inside my Mission in life–itself part of the Cosmic River System of flowing Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural–always serving as my standards, guides, filters, and measures in channeling through the maze of life–while supplying me with the “5Ss” of Safety, Security, Sureness, Strength, and Stability–especially during trials and tribulations (i.e. troubles and difficulties). By being in that flow means “Helping Hands” spontaneously come from my Spiritual Entourage. Such is particularly significant when I am overwhelmed but still must do life-shaping or life-changing assessments at a cross-road before being able to keep going “straight ahead” to what would best lead to my destination.

Hence, by having “Helping Hands” means my struggles and set-backs are not associated with what is terrible but rather I can stay calm from knowing they are a necessary part of my growth for  doing “ME/WE” benefits. That imparts bravery inspiration to increase my productivity, itself always a reflection of following my Entourage’s guidelines. Each small success stimulates “Aliveness” to generate more and more mental and spiritual “doings” of a mental, social, physical, spiritual, or communication nature. Vicarious success comes from people who benefit from my gifts or who self-succeed. This is the path I was on in entering and going through the hostile world of Europeans. My most prominent repeated experiences have been to suddenly become aware of the need to immediately “Move” to get out of danger deliberately designed for me. A present day routine is to work on some project by preparing the night before to be creative the following morning. If I am researching a topic—like “Principles”–there are certain preparatory steps. The night before, I look up the word “Principle” in word origin books; gather ideas; draw sketches; and often formulate specific questions needing answers. Then, with specific instructions, I tell Jann to take over and put things in order while I sleep. If there is no direct answer the following morning, in its place may be a word I know almost nothing about, like Labyrinth. With any such item, experience has taught me to stop whatever else was scheduled for the day in order to follow it wherever it leads, even if it seems “weird” to do so.

Then, in doing research on a word that no books meaningfully discuss, I go through a confusing system of networks causing me to be in a mental maze. Experience has taught me that exploring “Other Worlds” help generate strange inter-relationships, each beyond my obvious awareness. Still, resultant insights increase my understanding, which designs new Perceptions on ways to expand my thinking abilities of its different existence planes. Often, I am aware of an answer or at least lean toward solving a problem or answering a question before recognizing there is a problem or question about it. But by keeping it up front in my mind, something extremely significant just “pops up.” Such is what happened—i.e. gaining insights into workable “far-out” options–after absorbing ingredients out of my Labyrinth research. It took 3 weeks of my wrestling to put chaotic Labyrinth ingredients in order before I could write a book chapter on it.


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