“When We All Vote, We Determine Our Future”

Jul 23, 2018 | Politics

S.E. Williams

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is working with a team of high profile individuals to raise awareness about voter registration.

In a public service announcement released Thursday titled, “When We All Vote,” that includes Tom Hanks, Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda, Houston Rockets player Chris Paul, and singers Janelle Monae, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, the importance of every vote comes through loud and clear.

In the nearly two-minute long video, Obama stressed, “If we really want our voices to be heard, we need to vote in every election. Not just for president, but for every office: school board, statehouse, Senate, all of them.”

The stars who appear in the video with the former First Lady are part of an organization that identifies itself nonpartisan and is composed of several former members of the Obama administration.

The organization’s Facebook page states, “Our democracy is strongest when everyone’s voice is heard, and we speak the loudest when we cast our ballots.” It described the group’s goal as working to bring people together across the country to renew civic culture, “Because When We All Vote, we can change the world.”

You can learn more about the organization, sign up and/or view the video here.


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