Jul 23, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

By the metaphorical Circular Spiritual Genetics River System having Unconditional Love as its ultimate unifying force within the multi-dimensional Cosmic system means it is also within a human’s Selfhood. Since Ancient African Sages had Revelations indicating Unconditional Love was the inner nature of God and humans are made in the likeness of God, so is Unconditional Love each human’s inner nature. Sankofa elaborates on Unconditional Love’s complete absence of anything about Disharmony (e.g. what does harm or destruction, like evil, hate) so as to impart these “ME/WE” aspects for daily Right Life Living. Example: Unconditional Self-Love does not permit one to needlessly punish oneself or to be mean to oneself for any reason. Self-Love is foundational for Survival, Self-Protection, and Self-Preservation by Reducing, Preventing, and/or Defending against threats, disturbances, destruction, or any Disharmony.Other applicable Sankofa Principles include: Step I shedding losses, lacks, and obstructions by letting go of all “Emotional Junk”—e.g. hate, chronic anger, revenge, self-shame, self-demeaning (e.g. “I’m not good enough) or what one does not like about oneself/others. The spotlighted reason is that these are of absolutely no benefit to oneselfThink about it!!! Instead, they erode (wear away) and corrode (gnaw away) ones mental, physical, emotional, social, financial, and/or spiritual health. When bad enough, one “Escapes” from them, while also neglecting life’s Necessities—e.g. of Fun/Play, ones health, and so improperly making/managing money as to desperately have to “rob Peter to pay Paul.”

Step II, by having cleared the “Cloud” screening out ones in-born Love Platter, one can now operate Spontaneously (happenings of itself without any effort)  out of ones instinct to Love freely; to expand the Courage in ones Conscience to spread Love regardless of how it is accepted or not; to receive being Loved unconditionally; and to be Lovable. So, the Love Platter serves as a “Common Ground” connection–a Zero complementary equal Relationship Point where like-kind things are mutually shared/exchanged. Getting on + proceeding down Wisdom’s path is done by all decisions/solutions remaining within the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural—itself comprising the Cosmic River System. Step III, returning to “Mother Land” African sources by using only verified Black Scholars’ works—not those taught by Europeans–gives ideas for more in-depth research into history and culture for ultimate Standard grounding and philosophical “centering”. That designs ones ultimate “ME/WE” Cherished Values and Power Approach works. Example: One can extract Principles from learning that Primitive Africans showed their high degree of Intelligence by their faculty of fashioning things like tools to make tools so as to extend their limbs, senses, and in-born Talents. Hence, they shaped those tools so that those tools could shape ways to increase their abilities to create, invent, discover, and innovate for purposes of designing Harmony and Disharmony patterns to best serve staying within the Cosmic River System. Insights enable more and more knowledge from which Truths become evident. Their Principles enable conforming modifications to serve as a matrix/womb for up-dating ones own evolving “ME/WE” Philosophy of Life—i.e. System of Values. Such critical retrieval and reclaiming of the past scans all inner recesses in order to grasp deeper and larger meanings which connect with the same in ones in-most boundless light of Reality.

These products are ones unique, sound, self-improving ways of being human in the world. Yet, those whose lives have been harm-oriented require a transformation in order to rise to a level higher than doing or permitting harm to be done. This transformation is like entering a cocoon where the change over will be slow and uncomfortable to the point of wanting to “give up” and return to old ways. Self-love will supply the Spiritual Energy package for them to keep going and to deal with lost “friends” from the process. Step IV: Determining the extent of ones Self-Love involvement is done by being tested through trials/tribulations, as when “everything” is bad, going wrong, or “it all seems hopeless.” The weak “give up” and “let go” of life. The Sankofa “ME/WE” way  is to reach deep into their “Soul” to gather its Spiritual Energy; to always get up with renewed eagerness one more time than they have been knocked down; and to apply ones Talents to Selfless Service for enriching oneself, family, and the Black community over the longest period.


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