Jun 29, 2018 | Joseph A. Bailey II MD.

The expression: “It is darkest before the dawn” characterizes my sense of what is now nationally going on in the Selfhoods of many Black Americans. This sense is drawn out of the atmosphere of something drastic happening, of which most are at a loss to pin-point what it is. Contributing to this sense are rumblings of USA people’s dissatisfaction and from increasing numbers of telephone calls and visits to my home from those I have not heard from in years. Yesterday, there were three from Black People between ages 30 and 45 who began the conversation: “Dr. Bailey, you’ve been on my mind and I have a need to talk with you.” The theme of their concerns was almost identical, even though they knew nothing of each other. Almost in desperation, they struggled to find words to convey their frustration with where they are in life and the unsatisfying directions in which things are going. All said: “I have trouble sleeping at night trying to figure out what to do” and “I know what the truth feels like but I can’t find it.” To me, this marks the ending of the darkest time before the dawn of healing. From 45 years of intensive research on the Black Mind (from 200,000 BC to the present); from mentoring Black youth since the mid-1970s; and from my own adult experiences in a very hostile White society, I have the mental image of the spokes of a giant wheel meeting at the hub. The contents in each spoke are unique but have a certain ‘sameness’–e.g. a spoke of financial struggling; a spoke of everyone seeming to be dishonorable; a spoke of unsatisfying religion; several spokes of different forms of racism and terrorism by White people; a spoke of “no Mission” and, instead, being on a treadmill. The ‘sameness’ is the negative emotions associated with  the cumulative contents of pain and suffering in each spoke. Each spoke acts like a boiling tea kettle letting off steam inside the hub of the wheel. The gist causes of these hub contents is that African American slavery was a “big bang” trauma to the Selfhoods of all Enslaved Africans. Then the post-slavery period continuing up to recently has been about layers upon layers of varied cumulative traumas necessitating most Black People cling together in clusters.

This pattern persisted until the 1960s when Black People did what it took to gain a tiny bit of freedom. Unfortunately, far too many began, in the 1970s, assimilating into Europeans’ “Trinket and Trivia” philosophies and practices while giving up the “Treasures” of African Tradition. From thus losing each other’s intimate support and from not gaining the benefits acquired by Whites (through means of the GUN) increased Black Peoples’ inner turmoil. In the process, Black People’s hopes of the gradual dispersion of the USA’s Satanism atmosphere instead reversed itself. In looking inside the hub of the wheel I see two large contributors to why Black People do not understand what is going on inside them. One concerns the philosophies of African and European traditions. The other is the intermingling of the atmospheres of African Tradition’s Spiritual Realm with Europeans’ Supernatural Realm. Both, like oil and water, do not mix. By contrast, water and alcohol molecules dissolve into the other and the molecules are evenly mixed into engaging in a smooth dance with each other that is properly called a Solution. However, mixing oil with water means the oil does not dissolve in water because the oil particles do not divide into their separate molecules but remain in much larger particles or globules that stick together. A mixture of this kind is called an Emulsion, like those in many salad dressings. Yet, when the oil/water emulsion is violently shaken, there is some joining of the two for a while before they separate again. The oil will float on the surface of water because it is lighter. Black People will be unable to discover what they do not know to look for until they clearly understand what this “Mental Emulsion” is about. This requires knowing ancient Greek philosophy’s focus on man inside the Supernatural, excluding God and the Spiritual.

African Tradition’s principle of Healing is based on humans’ Souls being about a “God-Image Spirit/Mind” and its “life force” providing inner spiritual illumination. The state of this “life force” is one of absolute peace. “Disease” (lack of ease from an underlying illness or sickness) is that which causes disharmony to this peace. Thus, Healing is the removal of that disturbance coupled with the cultivation of the ingredients of ones own Selfhood Greatness.


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