Don’t Fall for the Lies of Baca and Miller

Aug 2, 2012 | Hardy L. Brown

Vote McLeod and Dutton for Congress

An article appeared in the July 25th Press Enterprise regarding two politicians in congress, Republican Gary Miller and Democrat Joe Baca describing how they now want to work together. Now they have been in congress serving several years in Washington for a combined 18-years and during that time never took the time to work together. But now that the voters of the Inland Empire have said they want to dump ineffective non-cooperating elected officials, these two carpetbaggers say they want to work together. If you, the voters, want to believe that I have some sand I want to sell you in the desert.

Joe Baca is running in a district he does not live in nor knows anything about against Senator Gloria Negrete McCloud who is a very effective state legislator and has lived in the area all of her life. Many who know Baca, know that at times his tactics may seem to be that of a bully who intimidates his opponents to get people to support him and his family members. This bullying strategy works only for a short period of time and now Baca’s time has run out. He is not sure if he can trust those who say they are with him so now he is trying to reach out to the Republican voters, where Gloria has built a good reputation of providing services to all she represents. Baca said in the article, “The voters want to see us working together.” Now Baca has found a new partner in Miller who wants Democrats and African Americans to vote for him. Mind you, Miller has done everything in his voting power to vote against President Obama’s programs for the past four years.

On the other hand Bob Dutton, though a Republican, is from our community and knows the community. We have worked with Dutton and I know firsthand Dutton will work with us. Both will try and tell you freshman in Congress cannot get anything done. Well the Tea Party freshman have proven that statement wrong. Plus Baca has been there and still cannot get anything done.

Dutton and McLeod will be a breath of fresh air and create a real spirit of working together for the people of these two congressional districts that serve the communities of Redlands, Highland, San Bernardino, Colton, Grand Terrace, Rialto, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino and Pomona.

Let us not fall for the political “rope-a-dope” being spewed by these two carpetbaggers. Make your vote count. Give it to Dutton and McLeod.

San Bernardino County: Eminent Domain Idea for Homeowners A Great Idea

Many citizens in San Bernardino County are upside down in their “American Dream” home because of some irresponsible dealings from lenders and their eagerness to own a home compounded with the financial market collapse. With the help of a Republican and Democratic administration the lending institutions were bailed out with a promise to provide relief to homeowners. That has not happened so the county and cities where these homeowners live are caught in a pickle of not being able to sell or in some cases make the high note due to being unemployed from layoffs. Then the lending institutions are evicting the owner and thus leaving an empty house to be vandalized by people who take fixtures and appliances for other homes they are working on in other locations. This creates blight and property value loss for the local governments who do not have the financial resources to do anything about the problem.

So the county of San Bernardino is proposing to use the eminent domain law to seize underwater mortgages and resale the property back to the owner at a refinanced payment schedule that the homeowner can pay. It makes perfectly good sense to me since big business has used these tools for years to turn blight around in local communities.

Kudos to County Supervisors and CEO, Greg Devereaux for forming a joint powers agreement between Fontana, Ontario and the county to move forward on this idea.

The Perfect Financial Storm For San Bernardino City Bankruptcy

King Pharaoh had two dreams one about seven fat and seven lean cows and another about straw stacks tied in bunches; not knowing the meaning of the dreams, Pharaoh sought the interpretation from Joseph. You can read the story in Genesis 41. Joseph told him that the land would experience seven good years and then seven bad years for growing food and for them to put away enough food to last during the drought.

Now from what I have been able to gleam from my memory and from San Bernardino city records, many warnings or interpretations of the city’s finances have been given to the decision makers. Instead of putting away for a rainy day fund, they elected to spend it as expenses went up and revenues went down each year.

They borrowed from other accounts and would pay it back as funds became available from general revenue. However at each official meeting, the mayor, council members, city attorney, and employee groups were only interested in their personal projects or livelihood. They were so busy that no one paid attention to the erosion of people with good incomes and businesses moving out of the city, property values going down, sales taxes decreasing, federal government in financial trouble, state government taking back money and changing the way they interact with local government, pension funds escalating, giving contracts to out of town vendors, no active plan to grow the city all under the watchful eye of the citizens of the city. The storm was coming and no one heeded the warning signs offered by paid staff who took their position serious. Instead they were forced to take the, “we are paid to tell you but we will do as you tell us” position.

Now city leaders find themselves in a position of having to make some drastic cuts in staff and services to the citizens they took an oath to serve and defend. To add to their problems, the citizens positions are varied however they agree on one thing: everyone or group must participate in the pain. No sacred cows in the city. We all might disagree on how to cut but everyone must give back. It might come down to contracting out for police, fire, refuse. It might mean libraries and parks partnering with the school district and non-profits for recreation. It might mean having to partner with other local government to provide required services at a cheaper cost.

The citizens will be waiting to see what is put on the chopping block before they will agree to any revenue enhancements of taxes or fees. As with Pharaoh who took the counsel of a man in prison, the city council did not heed the warning of the people and they paid over $200,000 a year to advise them, go figure.


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