President Barack Obama Got His Man With Evidence

May 5, 2011 | Archive

John 14:11 “Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves.”

This verse comes to mind when I think of President Barack Obama and his staunch critics. No matter what President Obama does, they will not believe him or the evidence brought before them.

President Obama was born in Hawaii and the state issued the certificate of live birth like they do for all Hawaiian citizens, yet his cri tics would not accept that. Show me the long form, they demanded. As soon as he produced the long form, they said he did not earn his way into Harvard School of Law and took the place of some deserving White privileged citizen.

Now we have the killing of Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted criminal for the past twelve years dating back to when Bill Clinton was president with a heightened pursuit by George Bush after the September 11th killing of 3,000 innocent people. We could not get bin Laden for two years under Clinton, eight years under Bush and it only took two years under Obama and bin Laden is dead.

Obama said during his campaign back in 2007 that if elected and bin Laden was located in Pakistan he would go after if him with or without the permission or knowledge of the Pakistani government. President Obama kept his promise and did not get permi ssion and got bin Laden.

President Obama, not George Bush, nor Bill Clinton got the call back in August of last year that bin Laden was hanging out in a million dollar mansion in Pakistan with his family and had been there for the past five years. Pres ident Obama asked are you sure, the security team said around 60% or 70% sure. Obama said to his team start planning for the capture or killing of bin Laden and only let a few people know. When presented with his options of fol low through it was Obama and Obama alone who made the “gutsy” decision to use the highly trained Navy Seal Unit to do the job. It was not the military, security council, George Bush, Bill Clinton or anyone else to make or be consulted on making the decision. If it failed, he would get all the blame and if successful Obama deserved all of the credit along with the team who performed the task.

President Obama even decided to gather the remains of bin Laden and treat him wi th respect which is in keeping with our Christian morals. President Obama even gave orders not to kill the women or children unless they presented themselves as a threat. This kind of painstaking decision on President Obama’s part was way more than what bin Laden had done during his terrorizing days on this earth. It was more than bin Laden deserved, yet Obama wanted to show our country and the world, this is how we do things even to our enemies. Now we are faced with the DNA, pictures and eyewitness accounts that bin Laden was there and is now dead. Just l ike in the time of Jesus with his disciples, people doubted and wanted to give the credi t to someone else.

In the case of Jesus his disciples did not want to believe what He was saying. So Jesus concluded in verse 11, “if you don’t believe me least believe in the evidence of the miracles themselves”. Jesus knew they had just witnessed the raising of Lazarus from the dead, they had seen him give sight to a man blinded from birth and feed over five thousand people from a few fish and five loaves of bread, just to name a few.

In the case of President Obama, I am saying to his cri tics and those who want him to fail, believe in the evidence and the Whi te people who were there like, Joe Brennan, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Vice President, Joe Biden, Director of CIA Leon E. Panetta, and the fact that Obama did what he said he would do a few years earl ier. Do not let the fine work of our military service personnel and the Navy Seal Team be marred by your twisted racial view of African Americans get in the way of our country’s finest hour. I know you find it hard to bel ieve that we, Blacks, can read, write, multiply, add, subtract, analyze, evaluate data and lead wi th di stinction, but we can. Do not let your bent views of one’s skin color take away the glory of how this country and the world feels toward our President Barack Obama just because Obama did something Bush could not and did not do. President Obama said what he would do if given the chance and he did. So if you do not believe what President Obama is saying at least believe the evidence brought back from the mission by the Navy Seal team.

Mr. President Withhold the Pictures at Least for Now

President Obama did the right thing by not releasing the pictures of bin Laden to the public. It would only feed the critics and give the televi sion pundits more to talk about. There are some things better off not seen by bel ievers and non-believers.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not have a right to know or have access to everything. Doctors withhold information sometimes from certain patients for their own good. Parents wi thhold information from loved ones sometimes for their own good. So must our elected leaders sometimes and this is one of them, in my opinion.


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