CEF Helps Couples Stop The Drama

Aug 20, 2008 | Religion



Center for the Empowerment of Families (CEF) received a grant from the California Healthy Marriages Coalition to offer relationship skills classes that help couples to "stop the drama" before the love is gone.  Couples strengthen their bond by participating in interactive classes that emphasize the importance of using head and heart in their intimate relationships.  

African American (AA) families have a legacy of staying together.  The current research, however, indicates that African Americans are the last to marry and the first to divorce, and 70% of AA births are to unwed women (AAHMI, 2006). This has devastating consequences in the areas of social and economic well-being and children's academic and social achievement, not to mention the emotional void left from absent fathers.  Therefore, CEF has reached out to hundreds of couples helping them to build and enrich their marriage by gaining skills in communication, conflict resolution, anger management, and forgiveness.

Center for the Empowerment of Families selects the best practices and evidence-based training materials designed to build healthy couples, happy marriages, and stronger families, which leads to empowered communities.  Our classes are free with purchase of materials and are available through your church, social organization or educational facility. Opportunities are available for those interested in leading classes.  Please visit our website,  www.empoweredfamily.org, for more information about upcoming classes in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties or if you are interested in hosting a class.  Please call CEF's Dr. Rabb at (310) 289-7904 or (909) 599-7233.


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