Fontana Celebrates MLK With Statue Unveiling

Jun 26, 2008 | Front Page


By Diana Farnsworth

Fontana's Mayor Mark Nuaimi, local dignitaries, and community members gathered to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this past Saturday. Fontana's Lewis Library and Technology Center hosted a dedication and unveiling ceremony of a new statue in the likeness of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The statue that now stands in the Dr. Martin Luther King's Children's Library is aptly named the, "Column of Knowledge" statue, as it features a bust of King that sits atop a stack of books said to have been highly influential in King's life.

Before the unveiling, a ceremony was held in the library's Steelworker's Auditorium in King's honor to celebrate the continuing work of community members who follow in King's footsteps. Sixty-second district Assemblymember Wilmer Amina Carter presented Acquanetta Warren, Fontana's Mayor Pro Tem, with a plaque in recognition of her arduous work in creating King's library. The plaque featured a picture of Dr. King superimposed over an American flag with one of Dr. King's famous quotes: "Make Today's Dream Tomorrow's Reality."

King was also honored with several inspirational presentations, including a praise dance performed by Ellesse Berry. Of the several artistic dedications to Dr. King, a particularly moving David Anthony Johnson performed reenactments of Dr. King's famous, "Be the Best at Whatever You Are" and "I Have a Dream" speeches.

The new library speaks to the lasting legacy of Dr. King's influences as it is a place for children and adults alike to learn the principles Dr. King preached. The ceremony featured a video production that began with footage of Dr. King's early marches and "I Have a Dream Speech" at Washington D.C. It ended with a class of local elementary school children reciting Dr. King's pledge of nonviolence that states, "I pledge to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and non-violent work by helping to make this world a better, more just place for all people".


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