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Jun 12, 2008 | Commentary



Juanita Barnes

Bishop Keith Butler said: The Bible tells us that those who were under the old covenant do not have a better covenat than we do under the new covenant, whatever they had in the old covenant, we have  it in the new covenant and more (Hebrews 8:6). And the angels that fought those battles for God's people in the old covenant and knocked down walls  will fight battles and knock down walls in our covenant too.


Moreno Valley beginning this Tuesday, June 10, 2008, City Maintenance Crews will be working on Allessandro Blvd. between Heacock and Fredrick Street, the work is scheduled from 7: a.m. to 4: p.m. each day. It will affect both east and west bound lanes of traffic. Work crews will have at least one lane open in each direction to allow for traffic flow. Because the area could be congested, the public is urged to use alternative routes to avoid delays. For more information, call the City's Maintenance and Operations Division at (951) 413– 3160.

Hello out there you wonderful fathers I pray that your special day be the best day of your lives, "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY," You are very important to your children and your family. It is very important that you are in the lives of your family. As I have said many times I am a daddy's girl even though my father has been deceased for many years I still remember the love he showed me and the things he taught me. I would love to hear from the fathers or children about the times you spent with each other.  As I was reading I came cross this.

Healing The "Father Fracture" by pastor Gregory Dickow,  Every one of the problems in your life — weakness, shortcomings, personality flaws, emotional conflict — all stem from what I call a "Father Fracture."

Your relationship with your earthly father impacts every area of your life. Whether he was good or bad, No earthly father is perfect. The way he raised you — or didn't raise you — results in hurt and fractures that can lead to many problems, leaving you feeling empty and far away from God. Human love is never enough to satisfy our hearts. Human love is never enough to heal the wounds that each of us collect as we grow up in a fallen, sinful world.

Our lives are fractured when our earthly father is not able or willing to be everything that we need him to be for us. The father fracture is where dark forces of insecurity and inferiority are fertilized and find soil to grow. Many of us learn to live with scars and damaged souls, the cry of every human heart is a father — a father who will give us the confidence and affirmation, security and acceptance we long for.

We see father fracture in peoples lives when they're angry, mean, negative, pessimistic, and sarcastic. We see the damage in their hearts when they're filled with hatred, murder, envy, jealousy, evil thoughts and desires. We see when they boast and strive to be superior over others because they feel inferior in their souls.

 Again may you all have a very "blessed father's day"




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