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Footsteps to Freedom 1999: Our Route
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Day One:
Friday, July 30th

Wilberforce, Ohio

  1. Wilberforce University Symposium
  2. National Afro-American Museum, including a moment with Booker T. Washington's Granddaugther, Edith Washington Johnson

Day Two:
Saturday, July 31st

Xenia, Ohio

  1. Brantly Carriage House Museum
  2. Eden Hall
  3. Col. Charles Young House

On the road...

  1. Massies Creek Cemetery

Dayton, Ohio

  1. Paul Laurence Dunbar House

On the road...

  1. Harding House

Maysville, Kentucky

  1. Bethel Baptist Church

Day Three:
Sunday, August 1st

Old Washington, Kentucky

  1. Slave Auction Block Site
  2. Marshall Plantation
  3. James Paxton House

Maysville, Kentucky

  1. National Underground Railroad Museum
  2. Phillips' Folly

Ripley, Ohio

  1. Parker House
  2. Rankin House

Day Four:
Monday, August 2nd

Oberlin, Ohio

  1. Underground Railroad Quilt
  2. Monroe House, Oberlin Heritage Center
  3. Oberlin College Archives
  4. Westwood Cemetery

Detroit, Michigan

  1. Elmwood Cemetary
  2. Detroit City Tour

Day Five:
Tuesday, August 3rd

Detroit & Dearborn, Michigan

  1. Greenfield Village
  2. Museum of African American History
  3. Second Baptist Church

Maidstone, Ontario

  1. John Freeman Walls Historic Site

Day Six:
Wednesday, August 4th

Chatham, Ontario

  1. W.I.S.H. Centre

Dresden, Ontario

  1. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" -- the Josiah Henson Historic Site

North Buxton, Ontario

  1. The Elgin Settlement
  2. Two Special Encounters

Day Seven:
Thursday, August 5th

Buffalo, New York

  1. Michigan Street Baptist Church
  2. Broderick Park

Lewiston, New York

  1. Presbyterian Church

Niagara Falls, New York

  1. Niagara River Bridge
  2. Niagara Falls

Day Eight:
Friday, August 6th

Niagara Falls, Ontario

  1. British Methodist Episcopal Church, Nathaniel Dett Chapel

St. Catharines, Ontario

  1. BME Church, St. Catharines

Buffalo, New York

  1. Farewell Dinner

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