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Classroom Resources
"Footsteps to Freedom" Map by Garrison Daily (1999 Participant)

Poetry About the Underground Railroad (by 5th Graders)

Bibliography: Teaching About Slavery

"The Underground Railroad" by Sandra Boe

Cleveland's Response to the Slavery Issue

Lesson using Aunt Harriet and the Underground Railroad

Lesson idea for Minty, a Story of Young Harriet Tubman

Mini-Unit on Harriet Tubman

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Student Web Activity about Harriet Tubman

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt Lesson

Two Tickets to Freedom Lesson

Themed Unit using Aunt Harriet and the Underground Railroad in the Sky

Booker T. Washington

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Black Voice News: Retracing the Underground Railroad "An Experience"

Our Shared History

Harriet Tubman

The Walk to Canada

The Underground Railroad Page

The Underground Railroad Slide Show

African-American Heritage Tour

Follow the Drinking Gourd - NASA

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