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Update posted on Tue, Jan 25, 2000, at 12:40:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time.
"After thinking about the past few days and starting to digest all that has been said to me, I think the most important thing I've learned is that family comes first and yesterday's events in your families' lives should be accounted for." -- 1999 Trip Participant
Our Route
Photos, text, and historical information for each of our eight days on the Underground Railroad.

Reflections on the Railroad
Journal entries from our trip participants, posted from the road.

Ongoing Discussions
"Why is it important to study the Underground Railroad?" Join in...

Video and audio from the trip, including songs, reenactments, and interviews. (Requires QuickTime.)

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From July 30th through August 6th, 1999, a delegation of educators from Southern California retraced the treacherous trails followed by fugitive slaves seeking freedom in Canada in the years before the Civil War. During the journey, they posted daily entries, photos, and reflections. Relive the stories of the people who made freedom real in America...

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