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Marshall House Plantation
Old Washington, KY, near Maysville

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Down the road from the slave auction site was the Marshall House Plantation, set high up on a hill. Next to the main house (just to the left in the picture above) are the slaves' quarters. Behind the house was the family cemetary (at right).

Washington and nearby Maysville both had large slave markets, located toward the upper end of the Ohio River in the mid-1800's as Virginia plantation owners sold several hundred thousand slaves into the new cotton producing regions of the "New South", as tobacco production fell off in the "Old Dominion" due to soil depletion. A number of Virginia plantation owners took their slaves west to start new cotton farming directly; those going out of business, along with those who died and liquidated their estates, sold slaves generally to the west. Maysville and Washington saw many slaves "sold down the river" (the Ohio feeds into the Mississippi River) during these years.


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