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$250,000 Awarded to DuBois Institute

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The DuBois Institute, under the leadership of it founder Dr. E.M. Abdulmumin has been awarded a contract of over a quarter of a millions dollars for its “Building resilience in African American Families” program. The contract from the Riverside County Department of Mental Health will aid in combating mental health problems in African American families, and is renewable for a four year period bringing the potential to well over a million dollars for the life of the award.

The primary program goals of this project are to reduce the risk of developing mental health problems and to increase resiliency and skill development for the African American population in Riverside County who are most at risk of developing mental health problems.

“This is such a significant award, especially now when families, especially African American families find themselves going up against challenges from our society which they have no idea how to fight,” said Dr. Abdulmumin, director of the DuBois Center.

The DuBois Institute was established in 2000 and specializes in nurturing and empowering youth and families.

It operates an afterschool academic tutoring and mentoring, martial arts, fitness and wellness classes.

Located in Riverside’s Eastside community, at the Bobby Bonds Sports Complex, the DuBois Institute is ideally situated to serve the large number of underserved youth and families that live in the surrounding community who make use of the numerous facilities, resources and services at Bobby Bonds including: Legal Aid, the Volunteer Center, and Sickle Cell Foundation. Dr. Abdulmumin is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and professor with over 30 years of university teaching experience and working with youth and adults in the community, educational, mental health and juvenile/ criminal justice settings.

His focus is on holistic human empowerment. He is known for his outreach work at UCR: The Award Winning National Youth Sports Program and the Saturday Academy Weekend School.

One parent of a youth being counseled by Dr. Abdulmumin commented on his ability to connect with African American youth who are considered troubled, and meet them where they are mentally and socially. Through that connection he is able to help them and their parents reach a better place of balance between their two, often disparate “world views” which is often the reason for their struggles.

“What you have is often the parents and the children have two different world views, and they both believe that theirs is the right one. But until they realize that they’re seeing the same thing from two completely different points of view, it’s almost impossible for them to move forward,” said Dr. Abdulmumin.

In light of the Black Psychology movement and desire for cultural competency, the setting for service delivery for the “Building Resiliency in African American Families” program will not be a traditional mental health clinic type setting but rather the parenting, rites of passage and cognitive behavioral therapy will be delivered in a setting where African-American youth and families are congenially associating and will feel comfortable seeking services from staff that are culturally knowledgeable and capable of identifying needs and solutions for African-American families and individuals. In addition, the services may be delivered in the participant’s home, school, religious facilities or other settings they may request.

The services are designed to work together in a unique approach to prevention and early intervention utilizing targeted outreach to engage the African American community by working within the community and collaborating with schools, community organizations, faith-based organizations, and other individuals, groups, and/or services that have the trust of and connection with this population.

On December 16, 6:00-7:00 PM, The DuBois Institute will hold an open house at its Bobby Bonds facility, 2060 University Ave. Ste. 102, with the goal of providing an overview of programs, meeting staff, and enrolling participants.

For further information: emabdulmumin@yahoo.com or call 951-686-9930.

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0 # Guest 2010-12-21 21:46
Congratulations to the Dubois Institute and to Dr. Abdulmumin! We're thankful for your years of work in the community.

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