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Dear Mr. James O'Keefe, "Town Spotlight"

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Why don't you people who would deny certain citizens the right to vote through devious means just take a hike?

I'm African American and I'm 78 years old. My generation was beaten with clubs, bitten by dogs, sprayed with high powered water hoses, friends and relatives killed and mocked by courts and juries not of their peers, in denying African Americans the right to vote. We endured those bitter oppositions and won our right to vote. We're not going to let you take that away from us in the name of ousting a non-traditional president. Non-traditional simply means he is not Euro-White. The Black press is educating its readership to counteract this tactic through voter education. Voter education means learning how to get around your devious practice and also to educate them as to who's trying to deny them the right to vote. As our awareness grows so will our voting power.

What I will do is ask Attorney General Eric Holder to require poll workers to wear identity badges so they can be sued immediately after denying a registered voter the right to vote.

As to the example cited, "30,000 dead people still registered to vote". If the 30,000 dead voters are still elgible to vote then it's the negligence of the Board of Elections, not the "would be" voter frauders. Death records are available to the board of elections and they can be reviewed and compared to the voter rolls at any time. They can purge the "dead" at will.

In Florida they are purging criminals from the voter rolls. Name and zipcode play a major role in the decision to purge. Walter Smith lives in Liberty City but has no criminal record. Another Walter Smith comes up who does have a criminal record. All Walter Smiths in known African American neighborhoods could be purged from the voter rolls. No Walter Smith from Star Island would be purged without a through investigation.

Your objective is clear and no one needs to be a rocket scientist to understand the process.

This voter purge and ID process is designed to close the voter gap that separated Barack Obama and John McCain in 2008. 53% Democrat to 47% Republican. Take away the vote from the African American and the elderly and you close the gap.

Will this close the wide gap in the electoral vote?

Certainly, you're not suggesting that Obama's margin of victory in NC in 2008 came from the illegal 30,000 "dead" voters.

This country is no longer just black and white. Those labels are no longer relevant. We are all americans struggling to eleminate poverty, war, crime, unemployment, and especially racism.

Racism alone will not get Barack Obama out of office. Your objective is obvious by your lamenting the 14,000 vote plurality he won North Carolina by in 2008. Let me assure you, it wasn't "Dead men voting". In order to get Obama out of office you simply have to promote someone to replace him that can do a better job. Right now you do not have that and therefore you will have to look to 2016. By that time we will have raised up another non-traditional candidate who will capture the imagination of the voting public and your voter suppression laws and tactics will have long vanished or struck down by a non-traditional system of justice.

It simply wasn't meant for one ruling class to rule forever. Its time for a change and Barack Obama, president of these United States of America began that change in 2008, and it will continue well past our lifetimes. Get over it and get with it!

I'm forwarding this email to my fellow media partners around the world hoping to put a "Spotlight" on this racially motivated travesty.

Sincerely, Walter Smith

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