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First week in High School

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By Jordan Brown

Last week was my first week in high school and it was great. I really liked my classes and the school. Before school started I went to a weeklong summer study program at USC (to be featured in a later article) and learned some tips towards being even more prepared the first month of school. So here are some tips for the next couple of weeks.

1. Talk to your counselors/teachers. The first month of school is your chance to get your schedule the way you need it. If you want to get into a specific college, go to their website or call and see which classes you need, to put you in the running to be admitted; otherwise when you apply to your dream university you will wonder why you didn’t get an acceptance letter. Another reason to talk to your counselors is if you ever have any problems, you’ll have a relationship with your counselor and they will be glad to be at your service. Counselors can also introduce you to different scholarships for college. They are definitely a benefit for your education when you require guidance in your educational endeavors.

2. Find out when and where your classes are on campus. This may seem minor but it’s not. Knowing where your classes are is important so you’re not late. When you know where they are located it’s easier to get to class because you don’t have to ask or get lost. Knowing where your classes are allows you to do some time management. For example, if you know your lunch is after fourth period and you go to the bathroom after lunch you need to know what time fifth period is so you’re not late. This can be as simple as asking your teacher what time each period is or it might even be on your schedule.

3. Read the syllabus. Most teachers will give you a syllabus for their class. It is basically a tool to help you be more organized in their class. For example, in my honors geometry class, my syllabus tells us when each test is scheduled. That allows me to study ahead of the lesson plan at home so class will be a review. The syllabus is a very important tool, so please read it. No matter what school you go too, you can use these tools to be more prepared. Don’t worry you will survive high school.

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