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No More Back to School Jitters

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By Jordan Brown

Every year it happens. When kids go to a new school or even the same school, they get very nervous. This happens to me too. I get butterflies in my stomach and just plain scared when I walk on the campus. This year, I’m entering high school at Pacific High School in San Bernardino. I’d like to avoid the “back to school jitters” this year. Here are some helpful tips to avoid the butterflies and calm down.

Confidence is Key: Confidence is my trick to look like I’m not nervous. Stand up straight, put a smile on, and don’t look at the ground. If you do this, people will see you as inviting and you can make friends quicker and easier. Also, if you have friends going to your school, walk with them in school so you won’t have to be alone. When you look like you’re open to talk, people will talk to you and when you have friends, you won’t be nervous anymore because you’re not “a loner.” Be Prepared: Get yourself back into school habits. Get up early in the morning and make breakfast it helps keep your mind fresh for a stress free day. Get your clothes out the night before and anything else you need. Continue doing this routinely or to get used to your new schedule.

Don’t be Late: I know you want to take those last days and get as much rest as you can, but it doesn’t help if your late the first day of school. Teachers will appreciate you being there on time so class can flow easily. To be on time, schedule your mornings. If you take the bus set it by the time you need to be at the bus stop. If you walk, walk to school a few times before school starts and time yourself so you know how long it takes you. If you take a car, find out what time school starts and how long it takes you to get there.

So now that you have some tips to ease those butterflies, you can start to pay attention to your learning. I’m going to use these tips to help me on my first day and you should too!

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