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Make Sure Your Business Is Prepared for the Summer Heat

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As a business owner, I know that, with the high energy demand of summer, finding ways to manage my business’ energy use and costs is more important than ever. I’m hoping for a mild summer, but preparing now for heat waves that could come our way, especially since state officials are saying that we may have limited power supplies in Southern California. It's important that we all do our part to maintain service reliability and stay informed, and I’m doing that by taking a few key steps with my business:

I’m going to make a few simple modifications to my operations, such as reducing lighting levels, turning off unneeded equipment not in use and shutting down unused rooms and facilities. I’ll also raise cooling thermostat settings to 78oF and pre-cool work areas or cycle air conditioning and ventilation.

I’m going to pay attention to when the state issues Flex Alerts, which are urgent calls to save energy. When that happens, I know it’s critical that I conserve immediately.

I’m also checking out www.SCE.com/energytips to learn more about how to make smart energy choices, such as Business Energy Advisor, a free and easy-to-use online energy assessment tool that provides an in-depth analysis of my facility’s energy use and shows where my energy dollars are going, and since my Edison SmartConnect meter was enabled, My Account, which helps me make smarter energy choices by monitoring and managing my business’ electricity usage online. This summer, I’m committed to making smarter energy-saving choices that can help my community and my bottom line.

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