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Senate Bill Grants Protection to Nurses Providing Out-Of-Hospital Care

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Senator Negrete McLeod’s Legislation Protects Nurse’s providing Emergency Medical Services

Sacramento – Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod (D-Chino) secured the passage of SB 1365, which added registered nurses to the group of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers protected by liability limits.

Since 1980, Emergency Medical Service workers have been protected from unnecessary civil litigation by holding them to a minimum standard for determining gross negligence when providing care. The standard protects and encourages workers to provide lifesaving services to individuals in emergency situations, but had previously excluded registered nurses (RN) from its protections. “Registered nurses should be encouraged to provide emergency medical services in air and ground ambulances in the same way as firefighters, law enforcement, EMT’s, and paramedics” stated Senator Negrete McLeod. “This bill provides them the same legal parity as their counterparts, and assures that they can diligently and compassionately perform their duties without fear of repercussions.” At the time the regulation was written and the standard implemented, it was rare for RN’s to participate in the EMS system. In the 30 years since its enactment, it is now common practice for registered nurses to partake in the EMS system while rendering medical services at the scene of an emergency or during transport to the hospital.

SB 1365 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown and was chaptered into law on July 9th, 2012.

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