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25 Days Left Until School Begins

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By Jordan Brown

Less than 25 days till I begin high school. My stomach is bubbling up with excitement and anxiety. Summer has been a time for me to gather my thoughts about the new school year and to get ready to become a high school student. High school sounds like it will be very intimidating, much like being an ant at a picnic. But when you get to know more people and your way around the campus, you won’t feel like that anymore. I also feel excited about taking the next step in my education and life. High school shouldn’t make you feel any lesser than you are; here are 4 tips that helped me get prepared for the next school year.

1. One thing that has helped me to get ready is meeting new people also going to my high school. I did this by joining the cheer squad at Pacific High School in San Bernardino. You can join teams or clubs before you start school so you have friends and acquaintances on campus. There are many campus activities, including: The National Honor Society, Drama & Art Club, school athletics and many more that may fit your needs. Ask yourself, what do I want to be involved in?

2. If you’re worried about the work, don’t be. Get your schedule early. I know exactly what to start studying for. I used a very helpful site, Khan Academy. It helps you study in areas of math and science. Also, Quizlet helps you create flash cards for any subject you need. If you can, access your class reading list you know what your in for during English. There are many others, just take time and search for what best fits your needs. In a recent focus group, I asked eight Jack and Jill members from different high schools if they used a study aid or website to help them prepare for their next grade. I concluded that 87% of the group studied so they are prepared for their next grade.

3. Get your parent, guardian, or mentor involved. Their help would be tremendous and they could find out what you need to succeed in high school. Talk to them about upcoming events, homework, and projects so they can be involved. Also, let them meet your teachers and other staff so if anything comes up that concerns your grades or behavior, your parents know what’s going on in your school life.

4. Finally, I suggest you talk to upper classmen from your high school. They can inform you about campus tips. Upper classmen are valuable resources that have the knowledge of their past to pass down to you. No matter what grade your going into, you can use these helpful tips to help ease your way into a new grade, or school.

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