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Summer Advice

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By Jordan Brown

I know summer can be a fun filled fest, but you don’t want to get rid of all the knowledge you’ve gained during school.

Summer has endless possibilities; you could find something you really love to do. Research keeps the mind fresh and you could be doing many things on the internet, since multitasking is so popular. I suggest playing a game of Word Dynamo on dyamo.dictionary.com. It tests you on the words you know by giving clues to find the definitions of interesting words.

Its fun style might have you playing for hours. You also want to exercise this summer because being a “coach potato” is not healthy. The First Lady, Michelle Obama has a program called “Lets Move” it gets kids moving and she says to “play for at least an hour every day.” Get up and play or maybe take a walk or try Beyonce’s let’s move dance. It’s fun from ages 3 to 93.

So what ever you choose to do this summer, don’t forget about school in the fall. Keep your mind sharp and ready to learn. Have fun this summer. Remember you don’t have to “work” everyday. Get up and have fun!

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