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Acts of Kindness Becoming a Trend?

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By Tamara Florence

So many times as people, we forget that we’re occupying the world with others. We get caught up in our families, rush hour traffic and crowded grocery stores which allow us only to see only what’s in front of us. Seldom are we looking to see what’s going on in the lives of others and how we can help those surrounding our communities.

This year the youth of Cathedral of Praise International Ministries, Bishop Craig Johnson, were motivated to go a step further and partake in random acts of kindness including: visiting convalescent homes, helping the elderly with groceries, helping others with homework etc… Out of the Acts of Kindness (AOK), a ministry was formed. Over the last 6 months they were asked to perform over 1600 acts of kindness.

Saturday, April 14, 2012, the Orange Committee hosted their first Orange Extravaganza gala commemorating the youth of AOK. There were over 50 youth represented at the event. All were acknowledged for their efforts with a plaque. Awards were issued for the most hours dedicated to the helping in the community (1st through 4th place) and also for the AOK members that sold the most ads for the event. Also, the AOK members received an honorary certificate from Assembly member Wilmer Amina Carter. Guests included: Cheryl Brown (Field representative for Assembly member Wilmer Amina Carter’s office), Mayor Aquanetta Warren (Fontana) and Danielle Gates (Dance instructor of City Gym).

Hearing the AOK’s motivation will hopefully start a trend that will inspire others to do the same in their communities.

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