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Bloomington MAC Formally Re-Organizes

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The reconstituted Bloomington MAC met for the last informal meeting before formally organizing next month. The municipal advisory committee met this past Tuesday to speak on issues that would affect the county portion of the 5th District.

“The board is back together,” said community activist Eric Davenport. “We’ve had our discussions of what it should be. We will finally address the issues and this time we will push for the people to solve their problem,” he continued.

“We expect the MAC will have more clout and will solve problems, people will take notice, and come out and support the actions of the MAC,” stated Davenport. The Bloomington MAC will met on May 1st at the Old Timer’s Building at Ayala Park (Valley Blvd.) in Bloomington with the goal of improved communication between the county and community. Each meeting is on the first Tuesday of every month discussing issues that are important to the residents of the community.

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