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Zimbabwe's President Magabe Hints at Possible Successor

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Special to the NNPA from the Global Information Network –

Robert Mugabe is reportedly preparing to name his successor, as rumors fly of his failing strength and recent visits to Singapore for medical treatment.

Mugabe acknowledged his health issues in an interview with the state-owned Herald newspaper, citing an eye cataract operation in Singapore and physiotherapy in China for his wife who, he said, dislocated her hip. She remains in China taking language and cultural studies, he said.

Vice-President Joice Mujuru would normally be headed for the top spot should Mugabe retire. But, the president has let it slip that he prefers Sydney Sekeramayi, minister of state security nicknamed “Spymaster”, for his close ties to the army and intelligence.

Serakamayi has served as a minister in Mugabe’s cabinet since the country’s independence in 1980.

Mugabe maintains that despite his age, he is fit to govern. He called for elections this year, but regional mediators say that would be too early for free and fair polling.

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0 # Guest 2011-05-30 07:36
Just two issues.
1. The interview was not with The Herald, it was with The Southern Times. The Herald just reproduced it,
2. Mugabe has never publicly backed anyone to succeed him. The talk of the "Spymaster" was started by a few newspapers a few back, before the interview referred to. It could also be something started by the "Spymaster" himself for political capital.