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White Vote Rigging Revealed in First Post-Apartheid Vote

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Special to the NNPA from the Global Information Network –

A hacker attempted to reverse the vote totals in South Africa’s first post-apartheid poll in a failed effort to defeat the African National Congress and its candidate Nelson Mandela, an election monitor has now revealed.

In a new book, the head of the official election monitoring division said the hacker broke into what was thought to be an impregnable system. Among the parties who benefited were the White-lead National Party, which had ruled South Africa from 1984, whose vote share increased by approximately three per cent and the right-wing Freedom Front Party, which saw its vote share pushed up by between 2.5 per cent and four per cent.

The manipulation was detected at the time, but the culprit was never discovered.

"There was a right-wing conspiracy to start an armed insurrection with the help of the Defense Force," said Peter Harris, author of “Birth: The Conspiracy to Stop the '94 Election,” which is serialized in South Africa's Sunday Times newspaper. "That resulted in a number of bombs going off to try and stop the election and cause mass panic and despair."

The hacker entered between 05:56 and 06:41 on the morning of May 3 and made changes to the vote count of three parties, a forensic investigator was quoted as saying in the book.

One of those who benefited was the Inkatha Freedom Party, whose mainly Zulu supporters refused to ally themselves with the ANC and were involved in violent clashes with Mandela's ANC party supporters. Their share of the vote increased between four and five per cent. In the end, the tampering was not able to change the overwhelming support for Mr Mandela's ANC.

When the final results were announced on May 6, the ANC had won 62.6 per cent of the vote, the National Party 20.4 per cent and the IFP 10.5 per cent.

Mr Mandela, released in 1990 after 27 years in apartheid jail, was sworn in as president four days later. The book is due to be released next month.

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