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Republican Strategy Depends on Low Minority Turnout

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By Isaac Adul Haqq, Special to the NNPA from The Los Angeles Sentinel –

In a stunning display of bigotry and viciousness, powerful Republicans are raising millions of dollars to support an extreme crop of GOP candidates for the mid-term elections. They are called "Tea Party Candidates," and they are being funded by the Super Rich who have been promised $4 Trillion Dollars in tax cuts for their support by the GOP. These Tea Party Republicans are directly attacking Blacks, Latinos, women and gays--and they are winning votes in the process.

"The Republicans are pandering to the most primitive elements of their base," said Rev. Eric Lee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. "The pedigrees of their candidates prove it. The GOP is running Saboteurs, Satanists, Scientologists, and Survivalists. This is just like the Nazis in Depression Era Germany attacking the Jews," he said.

At first, many pundits thought that the GOP was simply disorganized, and actually hurting their chances in November by supporting the Tea Party Candidates. Who would possibly support people like Jim Miller in Alaska, who defends hate crimes as "free speech," or Christina O'Donnell in Delaware, who practices witchcraft and wants to ban masturbation?

But then suddenly, the method to the Republican madness became clear in a new GOP document ominously called... "The Pledge to America."

In this document, the GOP calls for tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% in the country. This is the same 2% that now controls more than 50% of the nation's income, thanks largely to eight years of tax cuts given to the wealthy under President George Bush’s Administration. These tax cuts, according to leading economists, will add $4 trillion dollars to the national debt.

Clearly the cuts are meant to serve as a powerful inducement for the rich to fund these extremist Tea Party candidates, especially now since the Bush Supreme Court recently allowed unlimited corporate spending on elections.

Thus, the mid-term election strategy of the GOP is patently obvious: Reward the Super Rich for financing the Tea Party and have the Tea Party turn out the "Joe Six Packs" and the "Hockey Moms" in November.

"Mid-term elections are base elections," said a republican strategist who asked to remain unnamed. "The party that gets its traditional supporters out to vote is more likely to carry the day. And, the Republicans' base, even the parts of it that are insurgent, unpredictable, and kooky, is highly motivated right now to topple the Democrats in November."

Lee is not alone in his assessment of the Republicans running not only for the Congress but also for the U.S. Senate. Ron Brownstein of the well respected National Journal Magazine said on ABC's 'This Week,' "This is an Extreme Makeover of the Republican Party. It is the most militantly conservative class ...of candidates... in the past half-century."

To give the Tea Party extremist credibility, mainstream Republicans are working hard to support them and camouflage the more unsavory characteristics of their new would-be freshmen. For example, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has raised thousands of dollars for Nevada Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle, a Scientologist who has called for an "armed revolt' against the Obama Administration.

"I would be happy to appear at any Washington appearance that she had," McConnell said of Angle in an interview with Politico.Com, a popular online political magazine.

"Breathtaking," is how Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the GOP strategy. "...The Republicans...are raising taxes on the middle class, attacking social security, and shipping more jobs overseas. Instead of a pledge to the American people, Congressional Republicans made a pledge to the big special interests...at the expense of the middle class."

Can the Democrats recover and defend their House and the Senate majorities? That depends.

Pelosi and Democratic Majority Whip James Clyburn are visibly in the trenches, making the calls and knocking on the doors.

"Pelosi and Clyburn are vigorously and vigilantly campaigning," said Danny Bakewell Sr., Chairman of the National Newspapers Publishers Association, which represents 200 minority papers and 19.8 million readers. "They know a Jim Crow when they see one flying and are sounding the alarm."

On the other hand, Former Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia--who is also the current Chairman of the Democratic National Committee--has been slow to call for Black and minority communities to advertise, advertise, advertise to energize the base. "Given the current climate, an anti-abortionist, clinging to a slim margin in a swing state like Virginia, may not be the best general for this war," said Bakewell. "The man won't heed a call or spare a dime when it comes to us."

Meanwhile, Black leaders are doing what they can to survive the Tea Party onslaught.

"Everybody knows the Tea Party Candidates are a danger to themselves and others," said Bakewell.

"But if the Democrats don't put some serious money into the Black and minority press and other GOTV minority groups nationwide, this is going to be a lynching. The Democrats will lose both the House and the Senate. It's not as if labor and the poor have much to cheer about right now. They didn't get the Employee Free Choice Act passed, they're way behind on immigration reform, and Black unemployment is stratospheric. These groups are loyal to the Democrats in spirit, but their spirits are low,” said Bakewell. “I hope Democratic Committee Chairman Kaine wakes up and helps Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Whip James Clyburn keep our party (Democrats) in control of the Congress."

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+2 # Guest 2010-11-08 22:56
boast about, so the point remains, don't speak about American Negro as if you have a monopoly on survival, because you can't fill that mans shoes. Instead of dwelling on hopeless against all odds success movies, read a book like " secrets of the chambers " and get an idea of how your idols hijacked this country all in the name of greed. Let us decide who the lesser of two evils are......
+2 # Guest 2010-11-08 22:54
Once again the ignorance spews, judging a whole race by one mans accomplishment, Don King was a gangsta and we all know how most of this stories end. "SCARING Blacks " , how funny, your talking about the only people in the world to elevate from chattel slavery to a nominated President in less than 120 years, scared of who/what short of GOD himself? btw the proper way to address American negro is American Negro is only 13% of the American population, so it was also your Caucasian brethren that denominated that post Reaganomic BS that caused this country's reputation and the current deficit, in. Which I don't recall all of the facist BS we see today, just because we have a more passive leadership. Now that was "scary" , and calculated, because if 49% of African Americans had jobs the thriving prison systems facilitated by the ever changing penal system, wouldn't be as prosperous. Don kings, the bourgeois and drug dealers are replicas of the same Republican ideology and values you
-2 # Guest 2010-11-08 18:52
Attackus- Spare me your class warfare bs. You should watch "Don King: Only in America" and "Pursuit of Happyness" you may learn something. i.e why your class warfare has always failed whether it was done in Russia under Stalin, Germany under Hitler, North Korea, Cuba, China, England, France, Canada, etc. Btw, I'm not the one that plays the race and the class class to scare Blacks into voting a certain way, that's what you're doing not me. You didn't even read any of my post. You have nothing to offer so you have no choice to accuse me, without any proof, of being a racist and using the universal failed class warfare socialism. Newsflash: with 49% of Black teen unemployment, being a "slave" to the rich, ie. job creators, is looking so much better than your class warfare Gov't entilement nonsense
+1 # Guest 2010-11-08 17:05
Not bothered at all, your pretty typical, reading may not be as fundamental to you and people like you. My point to you is to drop the superiority complex, it has no place in today's society nor America's decisions, "blacks" are not some American tribe or group of like minded people and we don't need people like you to pass that assumption nor speak as if you can fill "black shoes", based on your assessment of the rich you would settle for the crumbs your employer "trickles down" to you, letting some rich fellow live all of his life and some of yours too. Your not rich, but you spew biased crap from your mouth like you are. Last but not least , we could care less what race you are, your still in America,So bow down to something that's. greater than yourself. It ain't about race, it about your either rich or poor
-2 # Guest 2010-11-07 17:07
Crispus. "Sto campaigning for the rich"? Newsflash, people don't get jobs from poor people. I have never been hired by someone making less than 250,000 a year. Spare us your race card nonsense. Btw, if you bothered to read my post, it was for Black to stop mindless voting for democrat lock stock and barrel and open themselves to either Republicans or Independents. Btw, the fact you accuse me of being "Uneducated" shows how bigoted and ignorant you truly are. Btw, Crispus Attackus is a celebrated icon for the modern day Tea Party. Your claims that we're nothing but evil racists just went out the window. You should pick a different screen name. Don't tarnish Crispus' memory to demonize the 2010 Tea Party when he became a Matyr for the first Tea party over 200 years ago.
+1 # Guest 2010-11-06 21:55
It's funny how the uneducated people use categorize a whole race of people as if they don't suffice as individuals, as if voting is new to that race. Bounded in the humility of having a different PRESIDENT
and forgetting why we are in this position and those that died so that others can vote to only have your inability to function around others because of your own shortcomings slander the gifted. Think America in 2012 and leave the hate at home because nobody cares.
-2 # Guest 2010-11-06 07:49
Republicans can easily take back the Black vote. They have to mention the 50 years of endless failure the Black community has faced by voting solely democrat no matter what and the 49% unemployment for Black teens under Obama and democrat rule. I didn't think Obama would lose about ten precent of the Black vote so soon but when a former Black obama supporter goes to a townhall meeting and tells him that she can longer make excuses for Obama, you know the "messiah" is in trouble. Tuesday was just a preview of what's in store for 2012.
0 # Guest 2010-10-25 14:23
This guy spews more hate than anyone I've ever read.
0 # Guest 2010-10-25 11:24
This article has several glaring errors. I'm in favor of a level-headed approach, and this does not convey it very well. Feels kinda like a leftist version of Rush Limbaugh - lots of finger pointing and rutting but little substance. QUITE surprising coming from this source.
Also, when you say a source doesn't wish to be named, don't put it at the beginning of the next paragraph. Isn't Lee the name of one of your editors? Please tell me you didn't walk to the other side of the office to get an "informed" quote and then simply say the source wishes to remain unnamed so you could hide the invalidity of it simply to push a particular point.
Thoughtful arguments that encompass and analyze reasons for diverse opinions and verbose sourcing of materials are key to making a rock-solid argument. Even if the right wing has a hard time wrapping their head around a lot of it, you shouldn't fall into their habit of lackluster pedantry for the sake of riling the gullible.
-2 # Guest 2010-10-25 08:29
The problem with this whole country is that you have some people in this country that have the audacity to think they haves more sense than others. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are beneficial to Negros nor other " so called" minorities, The same people that call for "Americans " to be Americans, with no colorline use the subconscious terms blacks and minorities. If I stand correct it was the GOP that used the term "race baiting " last election. Real intelligent and trailer park Republicans and prejudice Democrats are from the same era and idealologies trying to keep up with their rich counterparts, whether they are white or black. Oh and for the white Guy that says forvet about slavery it was less than 100 years ago and those people are still alive and their seed can fairly say that it takes more than their own lifetimes to just forget. You are not God and most of us could care less about the skin color or background you came from. Be smart and stop campaigning for the rich.
+3 # Guest 2010-10-25 08:26
Blacks are being used by the Liberals. All the Democrats care about is your vote, as a reward to get to be enslaved on the Democrat plantation. The Tea Party welcomes anyone who wants freedom, responsibility and peace. The Democrats are the party of hatred, fear, and poverty.
0 # Guest 2010-10-25 08:21
Shouldn't that headline be:

Democrat Strategy Depends on Black Racism

How can the black community continue to support Obama and the Democrats when black teen unemployment has risen to 49%?!?


Easy - racism. Blacks do not judge Obama on his performance, but on his race. They would follow him to hell if that is where he led them. Then again, 49% unemployment sounds like hell to me...
-2 # Guest 2010-10-25 07:33
Texasoil, What are you talking about? STOP [censored]OGIZING TO THESE PEOPLE!
If Rangel was WHITE? He'd be gone. If it was WHITE SKIN HEADS, in Philadelphia MISSISSIPPI, instead of BLACK PANTHERS in Philadelphia PENNSYLVANIA, they'd be in JAIL.
If SHARPTON was WHITE, he'd be in JAIL.
STOP EXCUSING the MESS that Blacks have created for THEMSELVES.
This Country is going to Hell, in a hand basket, at rocket speed, and these IDIOTS still support this guy by 95%.
But I'm supposed to take in to account, that they come from a Slave Mentality.
They don't come from a Slave Mentality. They have one NOW! They are their OWN WORST ENEMY. And if you wanna excuse it? Go right ahead.
I DON'T. Stand Up, Black People. Make your own decisions. Look around. After 60 YEARS, what have you got to SHOW for your VOTES?
-3 # Guest 2010-10-25 07:27
I am more interested in local yokels who continue to marginalize the minorities including "Hispanics" and not address the issues directly effecting us. I will vote straight ticket Democrat this year as a result of the right-winged, bigoted candidates here in Texas! The REPUBS can take that to the bank!
The black population should keep track of the bigotry and prejudice from the right. They have Steele as a figure head and some others in their fold, but make sure there is still prejudice in their ranks.
We used to be Democratic when we vote. That may change. I think most Tex-Mex peoples are conservative in nature yet liberal in many aspect of life.
We are THE giant Socio-politico-econo mic group waiting to be properly addressed as a constituency.
We believe the borders should be properly guarded and laws be enforced.
Do not let the Republican/Tea party of "NO" scare you!
Vote your conscience and vote!
0 # Guest 2010-10-25 07:13
And yes I am a member of a tea party. Americans for prosperity. We are all Americans
-1 # Guest 2010-10-25 07:09
gommy that was totaly out of line.
If while you were growing up you were told by the ppl you respected that you came from a slavery culture and that you would never amount to any thing with out them for genaration after genaration you would be in the same place. While that person tells you that it is some one else fault that you are there. we need Afican Americans to be part of America not a sub culture. we need to teach them the positive aspects they have made to America. Slavery was a very bad time here. but we dont need to harp on it. It will take several generations to chage it. they are a big part of our history. And will contuine to be a big part of it but I hope in a postive way.
+2 # Guest 2010-10-25 06:52
How stupid ARE you people? Why are YOUR SCHOOLS worse than the Schools in OTHER Communities? Why is there so much CRIME in your neighborhoods? Why are there so many Children with NO FATHER in the home? Why are there so many GANGS, and DRUGS, and Prostitution in your Communities? Why are so many of your YOUNG MEN, in Prison? Why has EVERY OTHER GROUP, passed you bye?
You've given your VOTES to ONE PARTY (Democrat) for 60 YEARS. How's that working out? You even have a BLACK PRESIDENT. And what did he do to those POOR BLACK KIDS in D.C.? He sided with the TEACHERS UNION MONEY, and AGAINST those Kids. He took away their Private School Vouchers, and CONDEMNED them to the same D.C. SCHOOLS, that he said were "NOT GOOD ENOUGH" for his kids. How could he do that? Because he KNOWS that you're TOO STUPID to stand up for yourself.
Are you people RETARDED?
What am I saying? Of course you are.
0 # Guest 2010-10-25 06:45
I say Black people don't watch 60 minutes. Isn't that bigoted? (PS, Obama said it last week)
+5 # Guest 2010-10-25 06:40
Please just google the kkk and the democrats and the kkk and the republicans you will find out a lot about history that is not being told. Blacks nave always been a big part of Americas history besides slavery. The negtive side. Be proud of who you are and be proud of America history you contrubite too.
+7 # Guest 2010-10-25 06:32
This article appears to be nothing more than a string of name-calling. Even the quotes from other people are just more name-calling.

I was able to teach my children when they were very young that name-calling isn't effective for advancing serious arguments. I'm sorry the author didn't receive that same basic training.

Only when you put forth actual "reasons" will you have a hope of advancing a point of view and thus be able to convince other people of your position.

The funniest part of the article was at the very end. The same guy who represents a bunch of minority newspapers threatens there will be a "lynching" if the Democrats"don't put some serious money into the Black and minority press." No conflict of interest there!
+6 # Guest 2010-10-25 06:31
Democrats push racism and class warfare to get votes from minorities - which is exactly what this article does as well. How sad!
+8 # Guest 2010-10-25 06:30
Beware of the wolf wearing sheep clothes.
1964, Democrat President Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act after former Klansman Robert Byrd's 14-hour filibuster, and the votes of 22 other Senate Democrats, including Tennessee's Al Gore Sr., failed to scuttle the plan. Of course Al Gore Jr was taught about life from his father. His role model.

It was a Republican president Eisenhower that first took up a civil rights bill. The democrats fought against it. Civil rights was not popular back in the 50s. A lot of republicans lost their seats by supporting it which launched Kennedy into office. It was not until popularity changed and the democrats saw a large voting block did they embrace it. Republicans have ALWAYS VOTED FOR EQUAL RIGHTS Democrats have not.
-7 # Guest 2010-10-25 06:26
The following quotes are from teaparty.org: "Intrusive Government Stopped" - and yet they want abortion to be illegal. "Special Interests Eliminated" - and yet they accept unreleased amounts of campaign money from secret donors. "Deficit Spending Will End" - and yet they want to cut taxes to the top 2% of earners. They are against "Politics As Usual" - and yet their "average citizen" politicians focus on rhetoric such as "take this country back" (back to what?) or "I'm mad as hell".
-4 # Guest 2010-10-25 06:18
America is the only safe place left in the world.

Don't let the grid of the rich destroy it. They are far reaching with their fowl tentacles even to the smallest of places. Just look at some of the comments in this article. There you see them speaking lies and fear with their split tongues.

Vote DEMOCRAT. Save us all with your presence at the polls.
-5 # Guest 2010-10-25 06:11
There is a National Association for the Advancement of White People. It is an organization started by one David Duke of KKK fame. It is ironically patterned after the NAACP - mostly a political and social organization that respects the rights of others. Anyone who thinks the NAACP is racist isn't paying attention. I challenge anyone to prove that the NAACP OR NAAWP are racist organizations.

As for the story, it is not news. For as long as I have been alive, Republicans did well when minorities dont participate. That is typically the case for mid-term elections. Being politicians chasing an electoral victory it is not surprising the strategy is to suppress the vote. It is perfectly legal. To DENY one the right to vote is illegal, but encouraging them to stay home is a slick political move and a dumb leadership move.
+8 # Guest 2010-10-25 05:55
That so much ignorance and bias could be contained in a single article is amazing.
+8 # Guest 2010-10-25 05:54
Wow, what a biased article!! Why don't we talk about why it is wrong to have White student unions, White Entertainment Television, and White Universities. How about a NAAWP?? Quit living in the past people, and maybe life will look a little brighter for you.
+10 # Guest 2010-10-25 05:50
This is quite likely one of the most uninformed, ignorant, and inaccurate articles I have read in a long time. Wow, just wow.
+10 # Guest 2010-10-25 05:47
The Tea Party is supported by most Americans. Check the polls. The only bigots I am seeing this political season is people in the NAACP. National Advancement of Colored People? If we made an organization called the National Organization for the Advancement of White people...wouldn't that be considered a bigoted organization.

Stop identifying as black and start identifying as Americans before you call half the country bigots. Most white people I know are color blind, we don't even think about race until someone accuses the political causes we support of being bigoted. The left is throwing that term around much too liberally lately.

America is prejudice. We are prejudice against Democratic policies. You'll agree with me on November 3rd. Now if you'll excuse me I need to make a donation to the Tea Party.

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