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Media Tainted By 'Afro-Pessimism,' World Cup Official Says

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Special to the NNPA from the GIN –

(GIN) – A 2010 World Cup coordinator called this month’s competition soccer games “hugely successful” despite “biased reporting” by western media.

"My feeling is that we have been the victim of Afro-pessimism at the highest level," Laurine Platzky said at a press briefing in Cape Town yesterday.

"The British media I can't begin to understand. I think there are people who sit in different parts of the world who think that they know Africa."

Platzky said an exit poll of foreign tourists leaving South Africa in the past few weeks suggested the World Cup had been a huge success.

Still, Patrick Bond of the Center for Civil Society in Durban, warns that after World Cup euphoria dims, immigrants may become the scapegoats for government failure to address “root causes of social stress” namely mass unemployment and housing shortages.

"We are more worried after the World Cup, the possibilities of xenophobia ... construction jobs fall away and people, especially from Zimbabwe, will be looking for jobs,” said former Ireland president Mary Robinson at a press briefing in Johannesburg.

"We hope it does not happen and I hope more job opportunities come."

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